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Tag: Jeff Van Drew

Van Drew Not Running for Congress

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

He must have just been there for the pancakes, Save Jerseyans, because Jeff Van Drew made it official on Monday: he is not running for Congress in CD2 for 2014.

This means that the only official candidate for the Democratic nomination is Bill Hughes, Jr, son of the former Congressman that current Congressman Frank LoBiondo beat in 1994. Unofficially, Obamacare architect David Cole had said that if Van Drew was out, he may be in.

CD2 made headlines recently when the DCCC aired ads in the district attacking Frank LoBiondo for his stance against Obamacare and his efforts to repeal it. That particular move officially forces the Democrat running against LoBiondo to embrace Obamacare during the campaign. Which means we will most likely see a pro-Obamacare Hughes/Cole running against an anti-Obamacare LoBiondo.

Game on…

Will Jeff Van Drew Run for Congress?

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Van DrewSave Jerseyans, the 2014 race in CD-2, a seat currently held by Republican Frank LoBiondo, is going to be a big deal. The Dems who want Nancy Pelosi back as speaker of the house, have targeted CD-2 to help with that goal. Bill Hughes Jr, son of the Democratic Congressman LoBiondo defeated in 1994, didn’t even wait for the 2013 cycle to end before jumping into 2014, declaring his intent to run against LoBiondo in late October.

And of course, the big question still remaining is if District 1 State Senator Jeff Van Drew going to run as well?

Van Drew was rumored to be a candidate in 2012, but his poor showing in Cape MayCounty in 2011 put an end to that. And this year, scuttlebutt is he met with the DCCC about running for this seat.

So will he or won’t he? It’s a good question, and there are persuasive arguments for both. Let’s take a look…


Riding High, JVD Refers to Himself in the 3rd Person

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Van DrewYes, he won a decisive state senate victory on November 5th, thanks to record Super PAC spending and a favorable redistricting map. He could be the front runner to challenge Frank LoBiondo next fall. He has every reason to feel a little smug. For now.

I still don’t think he’s quite earned the right to refer to himself in the third person. I’m not sure anyone is sufficiently cool to get away with that! But state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May) tried it anyway in a new interview with Shore News:

“But I don’t think he wants to work with Sen. Van Drew,” Van Drew said.

He’s referring to Assemblyman-elect Sam Fiocchi (R-Cumberland), the only Republican legislative pick-up from Election 2013, who vanquished Van Drew’s running mate “Arrogant” Nelson Albano.

Who could blame Fiocchi even if it was true, Save Jerseyans? Van Drew was even willing to lie about the status of a legislative ethics investigation. It’s impossible to work with anyone that arrogant, or at least that’s been Matt Rooney’s experience. 

In LD1, @GovChristie Asks for GOP Legislature

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

I went down to the Ocean City GOP HQ today to see Governor Christie speak, Save Jerseyans, and everyone reading this post in Cape May and Cumberland Counties should take note:

Notwithstanding his “bipartisan” alliances, Chris Christie explicitly said that he wants to work with Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, Kristine Gabor & Sam Fiocchi in Trenton, not Jeff Van Drew, Arrogant Nelson Albano & Bob Andrzejczak. Why would he want to work with 3 Democrats who endorsed Barbara Buono? Exactly.

From the Big Guy himself, flanked by the LD1 ticket and Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ02):

Meet Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Regular Save Jersey readers are all-too-familiar with LD1 and its reprehensible Democrat representatives. Political watchers on both sides of the aisle still consider all three legislators to be among the state’s most vulnerable incumbents this year; they’re certainly acting like it!

I stopped by Ocean City on Saturday to meet with the woman who hopes to replace Democrat state Senator Jeff Van Drew in the state legislature in January: businesswoman Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt.


To learn more about the LD1 campaign and ways to help Susan win this November, visit

LD1 is Still the One

The Top Ten Reasons Why New Jersey’s Legislative District 1 Will Host the “Race to Watch” This 2013 Election Cycle

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

WildwoodOkay, Save Jerseyans: we all know the number one New Jersey race this year is going to be the Governor’s race. Goes without saying.

But the legislative races are important. Because the composition of the State House is going to have a big impact on the gubernatorial victor’s ability to govern.

And in this guy’s opinion, the legislative race to watch is going to once again be District 1, the southernmost and largest of all legislative districts, encompassing all of Cape May County, most of Cumberland County, and a very small part of Atlantic County. Senator Jeff Van Drew, Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matt Milam, all Democrats, won re-election in 2011. This race is one that Republican Tom Kean has ID’ed as having the potential to see the unseating of some Democratic incumbents.

I concur with Senator Kean for multiple reasons. Let’s take a look at why….


Too Little, Too Late

With all the focus on the national poltical scene, it’s easy to overlook some of our local shennigans. But fear not, Save Jerseyans, that’s why I’m here!

As you may recall, Save Jerseyans, Governor Christie tried to give all New Jersey residents an immediate 10% tax cut during this year’s budget battle.

As you may also recall, Save Jerseyans, not one Democrat in the entire legislature supported Christie. Not one Democrat supported giving all New Jerseyans a tax cut. Not one. Just the opposite, in fact. They wanted to raise income taxes on millionaires (as part of a grand scheme to drive wealth out of the state) and then, down the road, enact a small, complicated property tax rebate targeted at certain people ONLY if Dems felt that the state got enoough money first.

Which is why it was surprising to hear the Democratic Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May) tell the media that he now wants to deliver an immediate tax cut to New Jerseyans! Van Drew wants an immediate 10% property tax credit, and he wants it RIGHT NOW…


Why Can’t They Figure This Bridge Thing Out?

The old Garden State Parkway alignment leading up to Beesley's Point Bridge.

I don’t have a bridge to sell you, Save Jerseyans, but hopefully this bridge story will do.

It’s worth more than the real thing. Let me explain:

Up until 2006, the two main ways into Cape May County both involved crossing the Great Egg Harbor Bay. One was over the privately-owned, two-lane Beesley’s Point Bridge on Rt 9; the second, via the Great Egg Harbor Bay Bridge (clever name), a four-lane bridge on the Garden State Expressway.

Then in 2006, Cape May County, at the urging of Sen. Jeff Van Drew, bought the Beesley’s Point Bridge for $1 and planned to make much needed repairs to it. Those repairs never happened. The bridge fell into disrepair and was condemned. It wasn’t safe enough for a big wheel to cross it. Every year, county and state officials promised a solution. Every year, nothing happened, and the bridge kept getting more and more dangerous, until experts delcared it was beyond anyone’s power to salvage and had to be torn down.

Then the government promised to tear it down…


Will Christie Call Out Van Drew Tomorrow in Ocean City?

So my inbox just exploded with the news that Chris Christie will be visiting Ocean City tomorrow, as part of his “Calling Out them Dems for Not Lowering Taxes” Tour. Ocean City, for those of who don’t have the Garden State’s electoral map memorized, is at the heart of super-competitive Legislative District 1, home of Democratic Senator Jeff Van Drew.

Save Jersey recently called out Van Drew for running a campaign in 2011 based around the promise to work with Chris Christie, but then refusing to side him on any issue this session, including lowering taxes, and siding exclusivly with the Democratic leadership.

Tomorrow, as part of his summertime tour calling out Trenton Democrats for refusing to lower taxeswill Christie specifically call out Van Drew?

I sure hope so.

Van Drew is the poster child for what Christie is trying to achieve with his tour: convince voters that Dems only pay lip service to lowering your taxes.

Van Drew campaigned in Ocean City, the rest of Cape May County and the rest of the district in 2011 on the promise he WANTED to work with Christie. He stands to be the most vulnerable State Senate incumbent in 2013 when Governor Christie is once again on the ballot. But then the first chance he had to keep his promise to the voters, Van Drew reneged and fell into line with his party. He isn’t interested in living the bipartisan example. Just talking about it when doing so is politically helpful.

And Christie will be giving a speech in his backyard! It couldn’t be more perfect opportunity for the Governor.

New Jersey Dems just threw you a hanging curveball named Van Drew, Mr. Governor. Here’s hoping you hit it out of the park tomorrow! We know you can.


Van Drew’s Broken Bipartisan Promises

After another pathetic legislative session in Trenton marked by deep partisan divides, and with the benefit of a little hindsight over the past couple weeks, Save Jerseyans, I just have one question:

What happened to Van Drew’s promises of bipartisanship?

Throughout the 2011 campaign, State Senatoe Jeff Van Drew (D-LD1)’s big pitch to voters was that he wanted to offer “bipartisan” solutions to our state’s problems. He was allegedly ready and able and willing to work with Chris Christie to do so.

Unfortunately, a majority of LD1 voters believed him. Less than before? Yes, progress was made. But not enough.

Yet as we saw this session, his pre-election promises were nothing more than typical pandering.

As far as I can tell, Jeff Van Drew took the side of the Democratic Party on every major issue that was voted on…


Memo to NJ Dems: Not Treating Dissenters Equally?

Before I get into this, a disclaimer. I am aware that same-sex marriage is a hot button issue.

This post is not about gay marriage.

It is not advocating for perserving traditional marriage or for recognizing people’s civil rights. I am not supporting or attacking the positions of any of the individuals involved. This is not a call to arms to attack people on either side. If you wish to discuss the merits of either side, this post is not for you.

I am merely pointing out the fact that NJ Democrats are at the throats of Republicans who hold the same belief as Democratic Senator Jeff Van Drew and that is not right.

Jeff Van Drew (LD1) believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, plans on voting that way, and wants the issue put on the ballot. Fred Madden (LD3) voted against the measure the first time it came to the Senate floor and has been silent on how to deal with the issue since.

This is the same exact view that Republican Governor Chris Christie has. Yet the attack dogs unleashed upon Christie and other Republicans who want the issue placed on the ballot have not been unleashed upon Van Drew or Madden.

This is not a call for those attack dogs to be unleashed upon Van Drew. I follow him so I know his position on the issue, I’m sure I could have picked any number of Democrats who hold the same belief but I am not as familiar with. The point isn’t to find more people to attack. I don’t want to find more meat for the unleashed hounds,  I want them to be leashed and put back in the kennel.

Frankly, the fact that Van Drew and Madden hold the same exact view as Christie and hasn’t been shunned or exiled by NJ Dems, but rather has the same, smooth working relationship he had before PROOVES that NJ Democrats are playing with people’s hearts and souls just to score political points and raise some cash. It shows NJ Dems care more about how their supports vote than who their supporters marry. And I’m sick of the hypocrisy.

Since they’re clearly perfectly fine with Van Drew and Madden having their beliefs, it is hypocritical of NJ Democrats to demonize someone else for having the same belief. Someone’s political party shouldn’t be the decider between giving them a free pass or a trip through the wringer. Particulary when the rhetoric is emotionally charged and personal for many on both sides as it is on this issue.

Stop being hypocrites, stop cherrypicking your enemies on the issue and vote on it already. At this point the attacks only serve two purposes: fundraising and dividing the state.

Niether are worthy goals.

Flashback: For New Jersey’s Unions, It’s a Scalp or Irrelevance on November 8th

Historically low voter turnout on November 8th means virtually anything is possible, Save Jerseyans.

A well-organized “off-year” campaign can be expected, within reason, to overcome significant voter registration and campaign finance disadvantages by mobilizing and turning out their superiorly-enthusiastic base on Election Day. The folks who only vote in presidential years are sitting this one out altogether; so are the congressionally-conscious but locally apathetic. This is a hard “R” and “D” game to the end.

A 1912 Labor Strike in Massachusetts.

In off-year 2011, New Jersey Republicans like their chances up and down the ballot because the GOP is definitely much more enthused than its Democrat counterpart. To make things even more interesting, Big Labor’s heart isn’t in it this go-around after suffering Democrat betrayal on a grand scale over pension reform; without labor muscle for GOTV, Machine Democrats resort to fraud which is more expensive to pull off and very, very risky. And with that backdrop, I wrote about the potentiality and necessity of a full-scale labor revolt back on September 21st if unions want to rescue themselves from irreversible political irrelevancy.

As Election Day is just one week away, and with open signs of Democrat panic over eroding union support increasing, I figured it would be worthwhile to repost my warning to New Jersey’s labor movement…

From September 21, 2011 at Save Jersey:

A few legislative seats may change hands on November 8th, Save Jerseyans, but neither political party risks being labeled irrelevant on November 9th. There just aren’t enough competitive races for such a thing to happen. Thank you, Alan Rosenthal.

But that’s only part of this year’s biggest story. One formerly potent political force faces the very real prospect of permanent, irreversible political irrelevancy as polls close across the Garden State.

I’m referring to New Jersey’s labor unions.

2011 must at least feel like the end of days for Big Labor. The year began with massive demonstrations of labor unrest in Wisconsin before the flames quickly spread to other state capitals around the country. Union agitators were pushing back hard against newly elected conservatives of the 2010 GOP class and their pro-private sector reform initiatives. The rallies riots were designed to temper GOP ambitions and they sure looked impressive from 30,000 feet, much like a once great boxer who can still fill out his trunks and throw serious heat albeit for limited lengths of time. And fatigue did indeed set in as Big Labor transformed to Old Man Labor. His progeny failed to take the Wisconsin legislature despite massive monetary and demographic advantages. It was all downhill from there.

Consider New Jersey, a place where an enterprising young Democrat politico couldn’t earn the right to run for dog catcher or even lick envelopes at party headquarters without union credentials. No more! We now live in a world where the son of a teamster heavyweight, George Norcross III, and a former ironworker himself, Steve Sweeney, lead a Democrat machine whose members conspicuously backed Governor Christie’s pension reforms in June before slamming the NJEA and embracing charter schools in July. It was nothing less than a slap in Old Man Labor’s wrinkled face.

Sure, the unions stomped their feet in response and withheld a few formal convention endorsements. You can even find an example or two of rogue actions like down in LD-1 where Republican David DeWeese won the FMBA/PBA nod last week.

Yet can anyone name one single Democrat elected official at either end of the GSP that has “fallen back into line” since pension reform went down and the threats began? Anyone on the left side of the aisle who is “afraid” of labor’s vengeful rhetoric? I can’t, folks, so I’m not surprised at all when even the ultra liberal Star-Ledger begins to worry out loud whether the phrase “union boss” has really become an oxymoron:

…it’s unclear what, if anything, unions can do to retaliate against Democrats this fall, when all 120 seats in the Legislature are up for election. After spending generations as a feared political force in Trenton, they may be only a paper tiger come election time.

“There’s certainly no incentive for the labor unions to come out in support of the Democratic leadership. The problem they face is, where else are they going to go?” said David Redlawsk, a Rutgers University political science professor.

Well, they can certainly pick a traitor off the line, sharpen their axes and make an example out of him, Professor Redlawsk.

Democrat incumbent Jeff Van Drew would be a logical target. The Senator’s vote for pension reform aroused a near mutiny among Democrats in his district. As I mentioned above, the police and firefighter unions have already walked away from him. I’m willing to bet that their decision in particular keeps Van Drew’s campaign staff up at night, too. His Democrat ticket needs to produce big turnout margins in Cumberland County, and Vineland specifically, to overcome a solid Republican vote total in Cape May County. How can he do it without a powerful GOTV plan fleshed out by union bodies?

The short answer is “he can’t,” and the labor unions would be wise to seize on Van Drew’s sudden vulnerability. They desperately need a Democrat scalp on Election Day 2011 to rescue their relevance, Save Jerseyans. Something to get their client politicians back in the fold taking orders. Otherwise, Old Man Labor might as well hang it up and file for Social Security.

Walmart can always use new greeters.

Quick Debate Analysis: Van Drew Loses His Cool

Lots of stuff to analyze from last nights 1st District debate, so in-depth analysis will be forthcoming.

But right off the bat, the talk of the debate had to be the moment where Jeff Van Drew lost his cool.

Here is the link to the video from last nights debate. As of when I typed this, there are 3 videos on the page. Around the 40:45 mark of the second video, Jeff Van Drew throws a hissy fit when, after he called DeWeese a liar, Dave DeWeese goes, point by point, through Van Drew’s accusations and shows it is Van Drew who is lying. He spent 30 seconds yelling at DeWeese, and DeWeese had to spend 30 seconds doing nothing but telling Van Drew to calm down and relax.

The Press of Atlantic City has said that Van Drew still has some maturing to do. Boy were they right.

UPDATE: Marcus Wilson on Voter Fraud in Cumberland County

Quick update on yesterday’s story here at the blog about potential voter fraud in Cumberland County, Save Jerseyans.

Well, the plot continues to thicken. The Magazzu Watch blog is now reporting that our apparent culprit, Marcus Wilson, has dropped off approximately 500 more vote by mail ballot applications to the Cumberland County Clerk, bringing his total to over 1,000 submitted:

Marcus Wilson dropped off another 500-some ballot applications today to the Cumberland County Clerk’s office. He was so belligerent to the office staff, they had to ask him to calm down, or be escorted off the premises by law enforcement.

I don’t know about you, but this sort of activity pisses me off!  Every registered voter is entitled to have their vote count. But when you have a person, supported by an organization that is attempting to subvert the system by delivering ballots for people that are not eligible to vote – underage, convicted felons,are not even registered to vote, let alone residents of Cumberland County – there is a major problem.

The tally is now over ONE THOUSAND ballot applications that bear Marcus Wilson’s signature – inmy opinion, every single one needs to be scrutinized to ensure that the recipient is a legal, registered voter in this county.

Additionally, Magazzu Watch is reporting that Wilson is also on the payroll of the Democratic Freeholder candidates in Cumberland County.

If this is true, that means that Wilson’s actions are not the sole acts of one activist, but most likely a coordinated Democratic Party and candidate effort in Cumberland County AND beyond…