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Christie Reps Balles in Atlantic

Urges LD2 Voters to Fire “Grandfather Whelan”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

CJC RallyApproximately 500 packed into the Roberts-Johnson VFW Post in Somers Point (Atlantic County) on Saturday afternoon to hear from the man of the hour: Governor Chris Christie.

The incumbent was fresh off of a morning campaign swing through Somerset, Middlesex, and Monmouth Counties on his way south to Atlantic; he’d end the day in Toms River – New Jersey’s largest GOP municipality – for a rally with his Ocean County faithful…


Balles Files in LD2

Atlantic County Sheriff Officially Enters State Senate Race

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Balles at ConventionAfter officially receiving the nod of Atlantic County Republicans on Wednesday evening, Save Jerseyans, Atlantic County Sheriff Frank X. Balles is officially a Republican candidate for State Senate in LD2.

Save Jersey was told that Balles filed 290 signatures today with state election officials.

He faces incumbent Sen. Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic City) after the June Primary in what observers expect to be among the state’s most competitive November 2013 legislative contests.

Dem Tickets for LD1 and LD2

Rumor Mill Continues to Churn as ‘War for the Shore’ 2013 Match-Ups are (Almost) Set

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

South Jersey MapYou know I spent a lot of time looking at the GOP side of the ticket in LD1 and LD2, Save Jerseyans, because there was much more popular speculation as to who would be running on the GOP side. Things were settled on the Democrat side of things.

Then in LD1, the rumormill started turning that all three incumbents may not return this year. Intriguing, no?

So when the rumormill got started, I thought it prudent to take a look at the Democrat side of the ticket.

In LD2, we have no rumors. Northfield Mayor Vince Mazzeo and Longport Mayor Nick Russo announced weeks ago they were running for Assembly, challenging incumbent Republicans John Amodeo and Chris Brown. Tomorrow, incumbent Democrat Jim Whelan will be announcing his intention to seek re-election against challenger Frank Balles, Atlantic County Sheriff and a Republican. Tickets are set, the race is on. Follow along at Save Jersey (shameless plug)!

LD1 is where we have some intrigue.


Balles Poised for LD2 Senate

Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles Expected to Officially Announce LD2 Senate Run in February

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank BallesThere are, officially, no Republican candidates in LD2 to run against incumbent Democrat Jim Whelan at the moment.

Loyal Save Jersey readers will recall that LD2 was one of two districts in 2011 where pundits agreed a Senate seat could switch hands. That did not happen, Jim Whelan defeated (now former) Assemblyman Vince Polistina, while Republicans John Amodeo and Chris Brown took the Assembly seats, and the status quo was maintained.

Amodeo and Brown announced they were running for reelection late last month. It is assumed that Whelan will be running again. Serial Democrat candidate and glutton for electoral punishment Gary Stein will be seeking one of the challengers for Assembly (again), and there are several names being floated around for the bottom of the Dem ticket.

But what about the top of the Republican ticket? Well, late last year, Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles filed the initial paperwork for a run with the Election Law Enforcement Commission, indicating that he was testing the waters for a run.

And my sources say he is about to make it official any day now…


LD2 GOP Kicks Off Sunday

Republican Assemblymen Amodeo, Brown Set to Launch Reelection Campaign This Weekend

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Brown, Amodeo and Davis in LD2It’s that time of year again, Save Jerseyans. Screening committees are meeting. County conventions are organizing. Prospective candidates are declaring their intentions. The first campaign barbs are flying, too.

Welcome to Election 2013.

In that spirit, incumbent Republican Assemblymen John Amodeo and Chris Brown will formally launch their reelection campaign for the 2nd Legislative District this afternoon, Sunday, January 27 at 1:00 p.m. at the Somers Point Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall (500 Bethel Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244).

Amodeo and Brown aren’t expected to face stiff competition this November. All eyes remain on the corresponding State Senate race where Republicans will once again attempt to unseat Democrat Jim Whelan.

What’s the latest? Two-term Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles is expected to accept the challenge but has yet to make a formal announcement of his own.


We Must Hold Whelan and Albano Accountable for Their Votes

Save Jerseyans, I’m sure you’ve the read the in-depth, common sense arguments that my fellow bloggers have been making against the minimum wage hikes the State Legislature just passed.

‘Cause they sure as hell haven’t in Trenton.

And while my fellow bloggers use their expertise and skills, and do us all a service, to inject facts, math and analysis into the debate, I feel I must use my expertise and skills to inject accountability into the situation.

I’m gonna hold the guys in my neck of the woods accountable for their votes.

To all business owners in Atlantic and Cape May Counties, (which is Districts 1 and 2, for those of you who don’t write your voting district on your mailing address), you need to know that Assemblyman Nelson Albano of District 1 and Senator Jim Whelan of District 2 just voted to raise your biggest reoccurring expense by 17% in 4 weeks.

To all employed people who don’t want to see their hours cut, and are already facing that prospect due to Obamacare, Albano and Whelan just voted to increase the odds your hours will go way down in 2013.

To all the small businesses on the barrier islands that are rebuilding after Sandy, trying to get back on your feet and determine when or even if you can open your doors again, Albano and Whelan just kicked you while you were down. Like you don’t have enough money going out the door right now?

Read the analysis by my fellow bloggers. And you’ll see that Albano and Whelan just did a very bad thing.


VIDEO: The Bogota Bomber Lowers Boom On Five Senate Democrats

Steve Lonegan often makes my blood boil, Save Jerseyans.

He also does the “right” thing, quits scalping allegedly impure Republicans, and kicks some bad guy butt from time to time.

We’ve learned that the Bogota Bomber, vis-à-vis his organization AFP-NJ, is dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of TV/Radio on the heads of  five Senate Democrats: Sweeney (D-3), Codey (D-27), Greenstein (D-14), Whelan (D-2), and Gordon (D-38). I’ve posted four of the five ad buys below; note that two of them are being run in hyper-competitive LD38 and LD2. The messaging is all anti-RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative), a ghastly and thinly-disguised electricity tax vetoed by Governor Christie but supported by these senators.


Against Bob Gordon (D-Bergen):

Against Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic):

Against Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester):

Against Dick Codey (D-Essex):

Democrats Panicking in District 1, Divert Resources From Whelan to Van Drew

The recent ELEC filings show that Democrats are panicking over District 1, as they are now diverting a significant amount of funds to incumbent Jeff Van Drew to the detriment of JIm Whelan in District 2.

Filings show that the Van Drew ticket on its own only raised $201,000 to the $209,000 raised by the DeWeese ticket, and that Democrat State Committees had to throw a desperate Van Drew $185,000 which literally went out the door the same day towards a hastily thrown together radio & TV campaign.

A little background.

The Van Drew campaign this cycle has made amatuer hour look like a Broadway production. They have no volunteer operation, no one making phone calls or knocking on doors. I’m not kidding. Go to their website and Facebook page. There are no invitations/notices telling anyone where and when they can volunteer. They have no headquarters or place to make calls from. All they have is an address where people can mail checks to. The ticket actually skipped the only major candidates forum in Cumberland County they had agreed to attend WITH NO NOTICE OR EXPLANATION! The only real campaigning they had done were radio ads with Harry Hurley and very expensive TV advertising on ESPN and TBS during the baseball playoffs. And those ads focused heavily on Matt Milam while Van Drew and Nelson Albano were afterthoughts. In the past, the trio always campaigned on Van Drew’s name.

This is in stark contrast to the DeWeese campaign, which has been aggressive and effective. Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr, in a sit down with Save Jersey, specifically praised the campaign (it’s at the end of the video), saying “DeWeese is doing an extraordinary job.” And they have been. Their aggressive style has resulted in a message that has gained traction and press. They have been agressively advertising in papers, purchasing full page color ads for the past few weeks (for those of you who do not know District 1, newspapers are not on the decline here due to the demographics of the district). They launched a strong mailer effort, as well. They have produced several impactful web videos which have gone viral (here, here and here). They have launched an aggressive cable TV ad campaign. And they have put together a top-notch grassroots volunteer effort based out of 3 different locations that has made tens of thousands of phone calls and knocked on thousands of doors. Oh, and Governor Christie just gave them a huge fundraising boost.

So when State Democrats took a break from spending big dollars to help Jim Whelan throw mud to protect one seat and take a look at District 1, they were horrified to discover that they were in real danger of losing three seats!

Now State Democrats found themselves between a rock and a hard place. They have less cash on hand than State Republicans. Polistina has more cash than Whelan. DeWeese has more cash Van Drew. Their resources are so depleted and low for state races that writing a check to one candidate denies another candidate funds. They do not have enough funds for the races they planned on supporting, let alone now having to support Van Drew, too.

So they made a painful, desperate decision. They diverted a much needed $185,000 from Jim Whelan’s campaign, which is also in desperation mode, to Van Drew for a last minute, desperation radio & TV counter offensive. This just started last week, and, just like the campaign so far, has been weak, and the CapeGOP has already effectivly countered it.

The counter offensive centers focuses on calling Dave DeWeese a liar and the Beesley’s Point Bridge.  While this issue will be the topic of an upcoming analysis, the high level of it is Van Drew went out and got the Republican Cape May County Freeholder (who is so reviled in Cape May he chose not to run for re-election because he knew he would be lucky to get 5 votes) he conned into buying the bridge to come out and say that the 100% correct DeWeese mailers were 100% wrong. In response, 50 elected Cape May County officials have called out Van Drew on his lying in a full page ad in the Cape May County Herald.

The $185,000 is already spent, and the campaign it bought has already been exposed as BS. They just wasted it all.

Democrats now have to choose between diverting more funds they don’t have from a desperate Jim Whelan to a desperate Jeff Van Drew. They only have $1.5 million left. Another $150K to Van Drew would represent 15% of the kitty. And every dollar they give to Van Drew is a dollar they have to deny to Whelan.

What’s a panicky Democrat to do?

Chris Christie Wants Vince Polistina to Beat Jim Whelan

Here is Save Jersey’s exclusive video of Governor Chris Christie rallying the troops for Assemblyman Vince Polistina.


Democrat State Senator FINALLY Admits On Tape: “I Like to Spend Money”

Everyone knows liberal Democrat politicians LOVE spending taxpayers’ money.

But the real treat, Save Jerseyans, is when you can catch a liberal elected official on tape ADMITTING IT. Much like observing an exotic endangered species subsisting in its natural habitat, I would imagine. A truly amazing sight to behold! And something definitely worth sharing with all of your friends.

Thank you for providing us with one such truly special moment, Senator Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic):


What Should “Pulling a Whelan” Mean?

So far during this campaign, Jim Whelan has pulled/been revealed to have pulled three crazy stunts that are so brazen, so crazy, so stupid, so unique that if I did just one of them, it would immediately be known as “pulling a Fletcher.” And Jim Whelan has done THREE of those things.

So Save Jerseyans: which unbelievable, “you have got to be kidding me” action should now – until the end of time – be forever known as “pulling a Whelan?”

1- Creating a no-show job for yourself to pad your pension?

2- Getting the cops to cover up a car accident for you?

3- Creating fake Facebook profiles so your campaign can personally attack your opponents wife?

Tax Report Cards Are In! South Jersey Dems Fail, GOPers Ace It!

Tax Reports Cards are in, Save Jerseyans. The independent New Jersey Tax Payers Alliance just issued its 2011 legislative score card for the Senate and Assembly. Here’s how the legislators in my neck of the woods did (ranked by score).

Vince Polistina (R D2) – 100%
John Amodeo (R D2) – 100%
Matt Milam (D D1) – 71%
Jeff Van Drew (D D1) – 63%
Jim Whelan (D D2) – 57%
Nelson Albano (D D1) – 57%

Wow. When I was in high school and college, anything below a 70% was an F.

So we got Polistina & Amodeo acing it, scoring a perfect 100% when it comes to fighting for tax reform. Meanwhile, the Democrats in the area managed one D- and three Fs.

All four of these Democrats have been trying to portray themselves as fiscal conservatives. These miserable scores prove otherwise.

And a big thank you to Assemblymen Amodeo & Polistina for continuing to look out for us!

Whelan Campaign Creates Fake “Tea Party” Facebook Profiles to Insult Polistina’s Wife

Users of Facebook are familiar with fake profiles. Most of the time, it’s some creep trying to trick users and steal thier identities. Other times, it’s a marketing gimmick for porn sites.

And in Atlantic County,  Jim Whelan’s campaign is creating fake Tea Partier Facebook profiles to trash his opponent, Vince Polistina, on Polistina’s Facebook page, while building Whelan up. It’s the Facebook version of Peter DeStefano. Then Whelan crossed the line by using these false profiles to personally attack Polistina’s wife.

A little background.

Both candidates have Facebook pages. In the spirit of social media, the Polisitina campaign allows anyone to post on their Facebook wall to allow discourse on the race. Polistina even directly answers questions posed by Facebook users. In the spirit of Big Brother, Jim Whelan doesn’t allow anyone to post on his Facebook wall.

Over the past few weeks, however, some strange posts have been made on the Polistina wall. Users with no friends, no pictures and who only “like” tea party Facebook pages started posting Whelan talking points, word for word, on Polistina’s Facebook page. It was obvious that these were fake profiles, created for the sole purpose of making it look like Polistina’s base didn’t support him. Pathetic.

I first dismissed it as an overzealous (and lonely) Whelan supporter. After the Peter DeStefano debacle in 2010, where the DNC supported a fake Tea Party candidate to siphon votes from Jon Runyan, I didn’t think any Democratic candidate would be arrogant enough to try something like that again. So I watched with amusement as the fake profiles repeated Whelan’s lies.

Then on Sunday, it was revealed that these fake profiles were created and administered by the Whelan campaign.

On Sunday, one of the fake profiles (Michael Clark, I believe) commented on a photo on the Polistina Facebook page. The Polistina page started to comment back, and there was a nice back and forth going between the two (the fake user has since been blocked, and per Facebook policy, all of his posts were deleted as a result). Then, all of a sudden, the Whelan Cooper & Tyner page responded as though they were Michael Clark! Whelan’s Facebook page posted the following when a campaign staffer thought they were still logged on as Michael Clark.

Honestly, because I have lived here my entire life and like most people from Atlantic County know Jim to be a man of great integrity. I have not always agreed with everything that he has done but I will never question his character. Now will you answer a voters question about these no bid contracts and a judge raising money for one of your candidates?”

The staffer in charge of the Whelan Facebook effort forgot to switch profiles before commenting and just revealed to the world Whelan was behind all the fake Tea Party profiles! Realizing that, the staffer immediately deleted their comment and thought they had covered it up, but we have an email directly from Facebook, Inc. that proves it existed (Redacted email addresses for privacy reason).

If the Whelan campaign allowed comments, however, then they’d know that the admin of the Facebook gets an email whenever someone leaves a comment that tells them who wrote and what they wrote. Save Jersey has obtained a copy of that email, and can verify that it was the official Whelan Cooper & Tyner Facebook page which made the post, and was behind all the fake profiles and comments.

So Jim Whelan’s campaign is creating fake Tea Party profiles to undermine his opponent AND claim that he is a man of integrity? Using lies and deceit to show he is honorable and trustworthy? Did he learn nothing from Adler & DeStefano? This complete lack of moral character on Whelan’s part shows just how desperate his campaign has become. It’s sad & pathetic.

But Whelan’s campaign was not satisfied just crossing that line. Oh no. This is Jim Whelan we’re talking about here, people. His campaigns make mud look clean. Jim Whelan decided to lap himself and cross the line a 2nd time.

On Friday, one of the fake Tea Party profiles created and controlled by the Whelan campaign posted a vicious personal attack against Vince Polistina’s wife on the Polistina Facebook page (it was immediately taken down). She is not a candidate, she is not running for anything, yet the official policy of Whelan’s campaign is to launch personal attacks on her! While pretending to be grassroots activists from her husband’s side, no less!

Congrats Senator. You managed to hit a new low, even for you. And considering how low you’ve gone before, that’s saying something.

VIDEO: Exclusive Interview with Asm. Vince Polistina (R)

Save Jersey’s Ed Sheppard visited LD2 GOP headquarters over the weekend, an otherwise inconspicuous building located on a main drag in Atlantic County’s populous Egg Harbor Township.

What he found was an office buzzing with volunteers, pulsing with energy, and propelled by the personality of the ticket’s leading man: Assemblyman Vince Polistina (R). Polistina is running hard against an entrenched incumbent who, in turn, is running hard on machine cash. That’s the way it goes in South Jersey! But available polling predicts a very close race, and Polistina himself is buzzing with ideas to shake up the State Senate.


Part One:

Part Two: