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Monmouth And Ocean Senators Ask Congressional Delegation For Sandy Help

By Art Gallagher |

Jennifer Beck

Jennifer Beck

Six state Senators representing Monmouth and Oceans Counties have written to New Jersey’s U.S. Senators and Members of Congress asking for help in correcting inequities and inefficiencies in the federal government’s response to Superstorm Sanday.

In a letter dated March 31, Senators Jennifer Beck and Joe Kyrillos of Monmouth County, Robert Singer, Christopher Connors and James Holzapfel of Ocean County and Sam Thompson of Middlesex raised six issues concerning Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the Small Business Administration (SBA), FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and the Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) grant program.

With all those agencies and initials, how could anything be going wrong?

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LD13 Primary Already Hot

Bellew Comes Out Swinging

By Art Gallagher |

kyrillos stareLD 13 GOP State Senate challenger Leigh-Ann Bellew wasted no time in kicking off her campaign to unseat incumbent  State Senator Joe Kyrillos.

“Negative” is not a strong enough word for the press release Bellew sent out this afternoon. “Scathing” is a more accurate description.


Jersey Shore GOP Cries Foul

Seven Jersey Shore Legislators Say Democrat Ashbritt Hearing “Tainted the Shore’s Recovery with Politics”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

assembly gop presser - bramnick“Blue” Jersey is predominantly red at the Jersey Shore, Save Jerseyans, and the mostly-Republican legislative delegations representing those counties were less than pleased in the wake of Friday’s joint legislative Ashbritt contract hearing. 

The sentiments of the six Assemblymen quoted below echo those of a fired up Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth)…

Assemblyman Dave Rible (R-Monmouth and Ocean):

While the Democrats say that politics had nothing to do with today’s hearing, it is crystal clear that is exactly what their intention was In the immediate aftermath of this crisis, Governor Christie made an informed and swift decision offering towns an option as to how to clean up their debris. Many communities along the Shore were in shambles and people were looking for guidance as to where to begin digging out of this catastrophe.


Who Would Replace Hudson Bob?

A Short List of GOP Potential Replacements for New Jersey’s Bob Menendez in the (Unlikely) Event He Resigned from the U.S. Senate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Republicans are likely going to have to find a way to win their first New Jersey U.S. Senate seat since 1972. Bob Menendez is a known fighter who worked his tail off to win reelection in 2012; unless the law or his colleagues intervene, don’t expect the mounting Dominican Republican travel/prostitution allegations — however salacious — to drive him from office under his own power.

Visit MoreMonmouthMusings for an interesting discussion concerning the procedure behind a senatorial vacancy.

For now, I’m going to focus on the “who” question since, at the end of the day, Governor Chris Christie would choose a Republican replacement in the unlikely event that Bob Menendez becomes a “former” senator:

1. Jon Bramnick

assembly gop presser - bramnick

The Union County Assemblyman and current GOP Minority Leader is considered by many insiders to be the most likely contender to face Frank Lautenberg (or his Democrat successor) in 2014. That makes him a leading contender should a vacancy occur in the interim.

Strengths: The charismatic, affable 60-year old Bramnick is a part-time comedian and well-liked by his colleagues. The establishment GOP appreciates his ample fundraising prowess, and the Administration values his loyalty and ability to keep the Assembly GOP caucus moving in the same direction. He’s also a socially liberal legislator and right-of-center on fiscal/economic issues, a combination which many pundits/consultants/decision makers in Trenton and other halls of power believe is an ideal fit for the blue New Jersey electorate.

Weaknesses: One biggie to note out of many strengths… he’s an ardent social liberal; it’s a double-edged sword in NJ, folks. In the past, some have even perceived Bramnick’s comments about social conservatism to be downright hostile. That means he could run into trouble in a future contested primary with a Lonegan/Doherty/[insert conservative/libertarian challenger here] and, when the general election finally arrives, experience more trouble keeping the base intact than the uniquely-skilled Christie. His name recognition is also next to nothing outside of NJGOP circles and his home district. That can be fixed, most definitely, but in an expensive state like NJ, it’s not an easy task.


Kyrillos Finishes 21-County Campaign Swing on Decidedly Unexpected Note

Senator Kyrillos thanks first responders in Atlantic County, New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

When Joe Kyrillos formally launched his campaign for U.S. Senate, Save Jerseyans, the veteran legislator certainly hoped to find himself in a different position than he does today. There’s no use spinning the obvious… my job is to give you the straight dope from a conservative perspective.

Here it is:

The RCP average hasn’t featured a fresh public poll in over one week, but the news it contains is daunting. He trails the incumbent, Bob Menendez, by anywhere from 14 to 22 points over the last month. In fact, Kyrillos has only cracked 40% in one public poll. Politicos will debate whether the campaign’s decision to avoid throwing punches until the very end made any difference in a race where Kyrillos’s name id barely improved from start to finish.

The mainstream media barely feigned interest as a result (though you could argue they’re complicit in keeping voters in the dark); they’ve even refused to entertain an alleged sex scandal involving Kyrillos’s opponentJournalistic malpractice? On this point, absolutely! But who’s listening?

To make matters even worse, Hurricane Sandy struck Kyrillos’s Jersey Shore political base with devastating fury and forced major diversions from the trail.


Better Late Than Never! New Kyrillos TV Spot Roasts Menendez with His Own Words (VIDEO)

With two weeks to go before Americans head to the polls, Save Jerseyans, we finally have a hard-hitting contrast TV ad from Joe Kyrillos.

And I love it! Philly media market voters saw it several times tonight, and I’m sure it’s up in the North Jersey market, too. An effective spot to be sure (watch below).

My only regret is that it didn’t hit the air two months ago before Bob Menendez’s support settled in around the critical 50%

POLL: Who Won the U.S. Senate Debate?

Debate #2 is in the can, Save Jerseyans.

Let’s hear it…


Who Won the U.S. Senate Debate? free polls 

LIVE STREAM: Kyrillos vs. Menendez NJ 101.5 Debate

The second 2012 New Jersey U.S. Senate Debate between incumbent Bob Menendez and challenger Joe Kyrillos begins at 7:00 p.m., Save Jerseyans.

 Watch it live right here:

Watch live streaming video from fios1 at

Not working? Click here to watch on NJ 101.5’s website.

Follow our Live Tweet of the 2nd New Jersey U.S. Senate debate from on NJ 101.5 below and join the conversation by using NJ 101.5’s #SenateDebateNJ hashtag! (Note: If you use those hashtags, your tweets will appear below…)

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Tonight, Kyrillos Needs to Articulate Contrasts (or Hang it Up)

Last week’s New Jersey U.S. debate is in the books, Save Jerseyans.

U.S. Senate candidates Joe Kyrillos and the incumbent Bob Menendez will square off in their second debate of the campaign tonight at 7PM.

Debate #2 will be broadcast on NJ 101.5 and moderated by Eric Scott. Listeners can send debate questions by telephone (1-800-282-1015), text (type DEBATE to 89000) or on Twitter with the hashtag #SenateDebateNJ.

Most reviews of Debate #1 haven’t been positive for the Republican challenger, Joe Kyrillos. But it is what it is, Save Jerseyans. What’s done is done. And now it’s time for Senator Kyrillos to do anything and everything he can this evening to illustrate the contrast between himself and Senator Menendenz which he has thus far failed to articulate…


Kyrillos Releases New TV Ad Focusing On Jobs, Taxes, But Zero Contrast (VIDEO)

I like this new Kyrillos television spot better than the first two, Save Jerseyans.

But what is it still lacking in my humble opinion?

Contrast. Sure, voters need to (1) know you and (2) have a solid idea of what you stand for. They also need to know why you’re preferable to the incumbent; I haven’t seen that all-important aspect explored in any of the three Kyrillos for U.S. Senate ads thus far. Here’s hoping commercial #4 ventures into that territory?

Republicans do well in contrast campaigns. When they don’t, polling reflects the omission.

Watch and feel free to comment below:

The transcript:

Joe Kyrillos: “I’ve talked to job creators from Burlington to Bergen, they tell me the same thing. Taxes, regulations, unfair competition from China, are killing jobs. My jobs plan will put America back to work. It reduces job killing regulations, streamlines government, and levels the playing field with China. Governor Christie and I are making progress in New Jersey, now it’s time to put America back to work.

“I’m Joe Kyrillos, and I approve this message.”


Save Jersey Interviews Joe Kyrillos (AUDIO)

Last week, Save Jerseyans, I had the pleasure of hearing New Jersey State Senator and GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Kyrillos speak at an event organized by the Hoboken branch of the Women for Kyrillos.

The Senator and I chatted, and he was kind enough to spend some time with Save Jersey last Friday to discuss his political background, experience, and what our nation needs to do to get back on the right footing. A special thanks goes out to the Kyrillos campaign as well as Diana Davis, Chairman of the Hoboken Municipal Republican Club, for helping make this interview happen:

MONDAY: Save Jersey’s Comprehensive Interview with Joe Kyrillos (R-NJ)

Middle Eastern policy. Closing tax loopholes. U.S. energy policy. Health care reform. Federal government spending. And, of course, the less-than-inspiring congressional record of incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez.

With just seven weeks to go before Election 2012, Save Jersey felt it was high-time to conduct a comprehensive interview with the head of the NJGOP ticket this November: Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), candidate for U.S. Senate.

Our Hoboken-based contributor, Josh Einstein, deliberately left few stones unturned in an effort to help Save Jerseyans get a better window into the mind and background of a candidate whose consistently largest obstacle to high office throughout this campaign has been a lack of statewide name recognition.

We’re sure you’ll have comments of your own after listening to it! And possibly learn a few things about state Senator Kyrillos that you didn’t know before? Feedback is always welcome.

Please check back in with us tomorrow, Monday September 16th around 9:00 a.m. EST to hear the full interview.

Check out our unrivaled Kyrillos-Menendez archives for a complete overview of the race up until now.


Christie, Kyrillos & Runyan Pause to Remember September 11th

Despite the fact that we’re in the middle of a fiercely competitive campaign cycle, Save Jerseyans, it’s been an American tradition since September 11, 2001 to ramp-down negative political ads, phone banking, and other aggressive campaigning for one day in order to honor the victims of 9/11.

New Jersey’s leading Republicans are no exception. Earlier today, Governor Christie signed Executive Order No. 102. All flags in New Jersey will fly at half-staff today in memory of New Jersey’s 746 9/11 victims and all of the other beloved dead, and September 11, 2012 has been formally designated “Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance” throughout the entire state.

Three statements from Chris Christie, Joe Kyrillos and Jon Runyan, respectively, all worth reading and sharing…


Joe Kyrillos: A Moderate Republican for a Moderate New Jersey

It has been forty years since New Jersey elected a Republican to the United States Senate.  No other state has gone nearly as long without electing a member of the opposition party.

Even liberal strongholds such as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine currently have Republican representation in the Senate.  It’s time for New Jersey to joins their ranks, and the candidacy of State Senator Joe Kyrillos presents the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Joe Kyrillos is a moderate Republican for a moderate New Jersey.