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Obama diverts $1 billion in Sandy funds away from New Jersey

Kyrillos and Holzapfel cry foul

By Art Gallagher |

kyrillos talkingPresident Barack Obama announced that he is diverting nearly $1 billion in Hurricane Sandy recovery funds away from New Jersey and New York to fund a nationwide resiliency competition that will ostensibly help the winning communities build infrastructure to deal with the impacts of climate change.

Obama announced the competition last weekend at the University of California Irvine’s commencement, according to The Star Ledger:

“In some parts of the country, weather-related disasters like droughts and fires and storms and floods are going to get … harsher and they’re going to get costlier,” Obama said during the speech. “That’s why today I’m announcing a new one billion dollar competitive fund to help communities prepare for the impacts of climate change and build more resilient infrastructure across the country.”

State Senators Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth)and Jim Holzapfel (R-Ocean)l condemned the diversion of recovery funds away from their constituents.

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Post-CA Tenure Decision, Kyrillos Seeks Repeat in New Jersey

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Joe Kyrillos at 2012 RNC in Tampa, Florida

Joe Kyrillos at 2012 RNC in Tampa, Florida

Following an earth-shattering decision by the California state court striking down that state’s tenure law, state Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) says he’s reaching out to an advocacy group involved in the West Coast case to help accomplish the same result in New Jersey.

He’ll start by re-introducing S-2171, “The School Children First Act.”


You Voted for Peanuts, Folks

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

PeanutjarThe next legislature selected its new leaders on Thursday, Save Jerseyans.

What are they working on? 

Well, for starters, the Senate Transportation Committee advanced a resolution sponsored by Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) urging airlines to raise peanut allergy awareness:

“Peanut allergies can have lethal consequences and are nothing to mess around with,” state Senator Kyrillos communicated in a press release. “Airlines have a responsibility to provide basic safeguards for passengers with special health needs. People who report a peanut allergy to an airline should have the comfort of knowing they won’t be served peanuts or put in danger of an allergic attack because of a fellow passenger’s snack.”



Possible shake up in GOP Legislative Leadership

By Art Gallagher |

The New Jersey State House

The statehouse press corps is buzzing news on twitter about a possible change in the GOP leadership in the New Jersey State Senate.

Current Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean JR has been fighting to keep his leadership post since the election results…no pick ups in the Senate…on Tuesday.  Kean released a letter signed by 11 of the 16 Republican Senators pledging their support for his reelection as leader to the press yesterday.  Governor Christie declined to comment about the possible change in  the Republican leadership in the Senate, but said that the he is “committed to Steve Sweeney” being President of the Senate.

Within the last half hour, The Star Ledger’s Matt Friedman and PolitickerNJ’s Matt Arco both tweeted that Kean entered Christie’s office and left a few minutes later, looking unhappy.  Senator Joe Kyrillos entered Christie’s office 5 minutes after Kean left.

Neither Kean or Kyrillos would speak to reporters.

The Republican Senate Caucus is meeting to elect a their leader for the next legislative session this afternoon…

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In Monmouth, Guv Asks for GOP Statehouse

Christie: “I don’t want to serve another day with a Democratic Legislature”

By Art Gallagher |

photo credit: Rhoda Chodosh. Click on photo for larger view. Sen Joe Kyrillos is NOT wearing mouse ears.

photo credit: Rhoda Chodosh. Click on photo for larger view. Sen Joe Kyrillos is NOT wearing mouse ears.

He’s finally saying it.

Yesterday afternoon at Bachstadt’s Tavern in North Middletown Governor Chris Christie urged the enthusiastic crowd of several hundred to “vote Republican from the top of the ballot to the bottom. I don’t want to serve another day with a Democratic legislature.”

“He finally said it,” I quipped to Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, JR who was present at the rally along with Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnik.  “He’s been saying it everywhere,” Kean replied.

Save Jersey reports that Christie made a similar appeal in South Jersey’s 2nd legislative district

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Apples and Oranges

What can we learn from the Booker-Lonegan contest?

By Art Gallagher |

Apples and OrangesFor those who try to read political tea leaves, the only lesson to be taken from the results of the Special Election this week is that apples and oranges make fruit salad.

For conservatives and Tea Partiers enthused that Steve Lonegan lost to Cory Booker by a significantly lower margin than Joe Kyrillos lost to Bob Menendez last year, consider this; Kyrillos had more votes in the 2012 general election than Booker and Lonegan had combined on Wednesday.  More people voted for Joe Kryillos in the 2012 U.S. Senate race than voted for Chris Christie in the 2009 gubernatorial race…


#NJSen 2014 GOP Poll

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Asm. Jay Webber (R-Morris)

Asm. Jay Webber (R-Morris)

Steve Lonegan may be done with politics but Senator-elect Cory Booker (D-Twitter) has got a reelection campaign to tackle just one year from now, Save Jerseyans.

Beating him still won’t be easy. A full year of photo-ops, fundraising and free press is part of the power of incumbency. Overcoming celebrity takes money, particularly in a super-expensive media state like our own.

Still, some evidence coming out of Wednesday night suggests that Booker’s jaw is made of glass. It all comes down to the NJ GOP finding a quality candidate with the resources and message to win, something which frankly hasn’t happened in a long time.

We’ve discussed some of the names before; sitting here today, let us know who’s your first choice to face the U.S. Senate’s newest incumbent Democrat in 2014:

Who’s Your Early Pick to Face Booker in 2014? free polls 

Lonegan Beats Kyrillos Margin

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Kyrillos vs. Menendez debateHere’s a little bit of morning-after consolation for the Lonegan campaign:

It significantly improved the Republican Party’s performance over that of the last GOP U.S. Senate campaign in New Jersey.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) lost to Bob Menendez (D-Dominican Republic) last fall by a 18.5-point margin (58.4% to 39.9%). Lonegan fell short last night by approximately 11-points (55% to 44%) accordingly to the most recent count.

You could argue that this comparison is apples and oranges. Menendez was (1) an incumbent (2) running in a presidential cycle where (3) key GOP voting regions (notably Kyrillos’s Jersey Shore district) were still overwhelmed by the immediate impact of Hurricane Sandy. Fair enough.

Still, while Bob Menendez is a notoriously tough campaigner, he’s certainly no Cory Booker in the charisma or celebrity departments…


A Bridge, Not a Destination

Kyrillos: Economic Opportunity Act Should Lead To More Tax Reform

BArt Gallagher |

Kyrillos Jobs Tour

ABOVE: Sen. Kyrillos visits a New Jersey business during his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign.

With bi-partisan fanfare, Governor Chris Christie signed the Economic Opportunity Act yesterday afternoon. The new law, which Christie reshaped with his conditional veto, is far-reaching legislation designed to make New Jersey more competitive in economic development and job creation.

Economic incentives for business and development will now be more generous and easier to obtain.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos, a primary sponsor of the bill, celebrated the enactment of the legislation and called for more comprehensive tax reform.

“We got this done to boost New Jersey’s private-sector economy, because many Republicans and Democrats realize that this legislature desperately needs to do more to attract and retain job creators,” said Kyrillos (R-Monmouth). “We came together; we compromised to create more opportunities for New Jersey families. This should be the bridge to comprehensive tax reform that New Jerseyans have been waiting on for far too long.”


What is Booker Hiding? Why?

Neither Booker nor Lonegan have been as forthcoming as Mendenez and Kyrillos were last year

By Art Gallagher |

2011 Romney Tax ReturnDemocratic U.S. Senate nominee Cory Booker has not released his tax returns, despite a promise to do so, according to the New York Post.

“We will release his tax returns,” vowed Booker campaign spokesman Kevin Griffis more than two weeks ago, yesterday claiming Booker “will continue to raise the bar on transparency — both in this election, and if elected, in the US Senate.”

GOP nominee Steve Lonegan provided three years of returns exclusively to The Post. The paper said that Lonegan earned $515,280 in 2012, mostly from property sales, and paid nearly $100,000 in federal taxes.

Lonegan said Booker is refusing to release his returns because he used his office, Newark Mayor, to accumulate personal wealth.

“It’s indicative of the fact that he’s got something to hide,” Lonegan told The Post. “It’s clear to me that Booker leveraged the office of mayor . . . to gain wealth.”

The Post has previously reported that Booker received an undisclosed amount in an equity payout from the law firm he was a partner in before being elected mayor. The payout was made from 2007 through 2011. During that time the firm, Trenk DiPasquale, collected more than $2 million in fees from local agencies that Booker has direct influence over.

The New York Times reported in May that Booker has earned $1.3 million in speaking fees since becoming mayor and that his Newark home is assessed at $406,000. He earns a salary of $174,496 as mayor.


Kyrillos and Bramnick Out

Senate Race Still Taking Shape with Only Five Days Left Before Petition Deadline

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


We’ve only just buried the late Senator Lautenberg but events continue to accelerate in the fight to succeed him, Save Jerseyans. That’s the ‘game of thrones’ -Jersey style.

The latest: 2012 GOP nominee Joe Kyrillos is NOT seeking the Republican nomination to replace Frank Lautenberg in the U.S. Senate. That’s according to NRO and MMM. Somewhere, Irwin Fletcher is smiling.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite conservative grump Steve Lonegan is already on the attack. At his official campaign Facebook page launched on Wednesday, Lonegan’s campaign wasted no time seeking to contrast itself with the one other Republican openly weighing entry Asm. Jon Bramnick who, according to PolitickerNJ, is no longer in the race as of this morning:

Jon Bramnick is a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-amnesty “moderate” who will fund ObamaCare and vote for Obama’s judges and against conservative judges. If he runs, Republicans will have a clear choice for U.S. Senate.”

See how quickly things can change?


Online Poll: Who Would You Appoint?

GOP U.S. Senate Field Remains Open Question As Monday Filing Deadline Inches Closer

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

SenateSteve Lonegan is in (with Sen. Doherty’s support). Jon Bramnick is reportedly calling around the state to secure the support of GOP county chairmen. Meanwhile, it seems like half of Monmouth County could be in the mix.

I’ve heard plenty of rumors from well-placed folks today but, again, they’re only rumors. Presumably, with a Monday filing deadline, the Christie appointee (1) knows who they are and (2) someone in circulating petitions for him/her, right? Unless his appointee isn’t running in the U.S. Senate primary…

Let’s hear from you, Save Jerseyans; put yourself in Chris Christie’s shoes (or fleece) and make the tough call:

Who Should Chris Christie Appoint to New Jersey’s Vacant U.S. Senate Seat? free polls 

Status Quo Primary Night

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Photo Credit: Dan Cirucci

Photo Credit: Dan Cirucci


Not much interesting to report around the state tonight as the final primary votes are tallied, Save Jerseyans.

Christie and Buono both sealed the deal convincingly, locking up their parties’ respective gubernatorial nods. The Governor is currently up with 92% of the vote. His problems with the national Republican base are nonexistent in the Garden State.

The three most potentially competitive GOP down-ballot races weren’t. Not even close.

In Atlantic County, the GOP organization held off an off-the-ballot insurrection led by incumbent Freeholder Jim McDevitt; William Paul will take his place on the ballot riding a better than 40-point margin of victory.

Further up the G.S. Parkway, Joe Kyrillos’s LD13 legislative team including Amy Handlin and Declan O’Scanlon is besting its Tea Party challenge, a ticket headed by Lee Ann Bellew, by a better than 3-to-1 margin.

Continuing north, in the Passaic GOP Sheriff primary, establishment-backed candidate Frank Feenan defeated Pat Ciser by approximately 30-points with all precincts reporting.

On to November. Or October. Or August. Whatever.

What If Christie Picks…

Christie’s U.S. Senate Pick Could Profoundly Impact Monmouth County Politics

By Art Gallagher |

kyrillos stare…Senator Joe Kyillos?

By virtue of his long term friendship with Governor Christie and his campaign for U.S. Senate last year, State Senator Joe Kyrillos is on every Christie mind reader’s short list of possible U.S. Senators to replace the late Frank Lautenberg.

Assuming Kyrillos defeats Leigh-Ann Bellew in the primary today, his move to the U.S. Senate would create a vacancy for the nomination for State Senate in LD 13.  If either Assemblywoman Amy Handlin or Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon move up to the Senate slot, as would be expected, there will be an Assembly nomination vacancy.

Neither Handlin nor O’Scanlon will say if they want the State Senate seat, which probably means they both want it. Even so, I would expect that they would work that out amongst themselves rather than have a convention fight.

A nominating convention for the resulting Assembly vacancy would bring out a wealth of Republican talent.