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  • But I thought it was a tax, Mr. Chief Justice?

    By Irwin Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog Now that we have filed our taxes (but will still be working to pay them off for another month), Save Jerseyans, I wanted to see if I was the only one who noticed something peculiar… When it came time for the IRS to stick its nose in […]

  • Garrett, Lance stand behind GOP’s historic balanced budget plan

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog $5 trillion cuts over the next decade, coupled with an end to ObamaCare AND major changes to Medicare and the U.S. tax code, would lead to a balanced budget and long-elusive fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C., for the American people, Save Jerseyans. At least that’s the plan endorsed by […]

  • 100% of New Jersey Obamacare plans fund abortions

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog This is a frequently asked question around here, Save Jerseyans, so I thought it was worth explaining in a light news cycle owing to heavy snow and ongoing speculation concerning the upcoming Supreme Court subsidy fight: YES, if you’re enrolled in a New Jersey ‘Obamacare’ plan, you’re […]

  • What My Patient Taught Me about Medicaid

    By Dr. Alieta Eck | The Save Jersey Blog Since ObamaCare’s newly insured are predominantly new Medicaid beneficiaries, it is important to be aware of what this can mean to patients. These are the lessons I learned from a patient—we’ll call her Debbie— who came to our non-government charity clinic. Decisions are made by a […]

  • Abolish the IRS – Our Security Depends On It!

    By Joe Schilp | Joe’s Blog Today, February 15, 2015, I’ve learned of 3 people from Middlesex, New Jersey, who’ve had fictitious tax returns filed on their behalf. One of the victim’s false returns was filed in California; the other two have yet to learn where their false returns were filed. Regardless, all three now have […]

  • Lance takes to YouTube: “We are off to a great start”

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Remember all of that baloney about an “obstructionist” GOP House, Save Jerseyans? Well, we knew it was always B.S. given the number of GOP-initiated bills the former Senate Majority Leader let die on his doorstep, but President Obama spent the first hours of a Congress united under […]

  • How Many Real Obamacare Enrollees in New Jersey? They Won’t Tell Us!

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The success (or failure) of a government program is always a matter of perspective, Save Jerseyans. Liberals generally believe success is judged by the amount of money spent. Conservatives, alternatively, are results-oriented. One of the many problems with Obamacare? We’re still not sure how much money is being spent because […]

  • Do We Really Need a Medicaid Program?

    By Dr. Alieta Eck | The Save Jersey Blog In January, 2014, The Mercatus Center at George Mason University released a study that ranked New Jersey last in budget and long-run solvency, citing revenue shortfalls, budget practices and high levels of debt. So what are our legislators doing about it? Instead of raising taxes and […]

  • Gallup: Barely One-Third Support Obamacare

    By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot We’ve been saying this about Obamacare from the very beginning: The people don’t want it. Let’s say it again and maybe some will understand: The. People. Don’t. Want. It. Now, what we’ve been saying all along has once again been confirmed by a new Gallup poll: In fact, Obamacare has […]

  • Navigating the Obamacare endgame

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Obamacare isn’t having a good month heading into today, the start of a new enrollment season. First up: the Election results. Nuff said. The size of the new GOP House majority is such that whoever succeeds Obama is likely to contend with a Republican majority for at least their […]

  • I want ONE liberal friend to defend Pelosi and Gruber…

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog You’ve undoubtedly heard about MIT professor Jonathan Gruber’s appreciation for your convenient stupidity by now, Save Jerseyans, but what you probably have not seen is Nancy Pelosi proving she’s just as big of a liar – Kim Kardashian’s butt-sized liar! – as demonstrated by the following three exhibits offered for […]

  • In final hours, GOP (finally) goes after Obama

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog I don’t know about you but I’m feeling bullish heading into tonight, Save Jerseyans. HOWEVER, hypothetically, if the Republican Party posts a good (but not great or “historic”) Election Night, in this blogger’s humble opinion, you won’t be able to blame gerrymandering, RINOs, the Tea Party, libertarian candidates or the […]