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  • Save Rutgers: Christie to Sign Rut-Row ‘Collaboration’ Bill Today

    Today is the day. After months of battling back and forth with students, faculty, and concerned citizens in South Jersey, Governor Christie will be signing a new Rutgers bill that is immensely watered down from the vision he outlined in January of this year. Throughout the spring, Governor Christie and certain South Jersey Democrats connected […]

  • Save Rutgers: Rut-Row Bill Passes Both Assembly and Senate

    This afternoon the Rut-Row Bill passed the New Jersey Senate and Assembly by wide margins. In the Senate the vote was 29 – 10. Most of the Nays were Northern Democrats at war with the Norcross Machine. Senator Diane Allen (R-7) also voted no, for which I congratulate her on her courage to go against […]

  • Save Rutgers: An Honest Analysis of the Rut-Row Bill

    No need for introductions on this post, Save Jerseyans. If you have been following the wild ride that has been the Rut-Row merger, you know what is going on. The first official draft of the Senate bill to “restructure” higher education in New Jersey dropped yesterday morning. Below is my analysis of the most important […]

  • Save Rutgers: Could Rob Andrews Be the Next Rowan President?

    As we wait for the written draft of the bill that will eventually reorganize higher education in New Jersey yet again, I thought some fun speculation might be in order. Over the last few months I have been seeing more and more admittedly circumstantial evidence that 1st District Congressman Rob Andrews may be among the […]

  • Save Rutgers: Board of Trustees Reject Merger in Key Vote

    Yesterday in passing I mentioned a coming vote by the Rutgers Board of Trustees on the merger and their support of a potential compromise plan currently in the works. Well last night that vote took place. According to, the Board of Trustees rejected the merger plan, or any severance of Rutgers-Camden from Rutgers University […]