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Forget I Ever Said ‘Thank You’ Vince Mazzeo

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

Vincent Mazzeo

Vincent Mazzeo

Save Jerseyans, you may remember back in July, when I was one of the first to point out that the GOP was working to save Atlantic City while Democrats appeared to be ready to declare it dead, that I also noted that the sole Democratic exception was District 2’s Vince Mazzeo.

At the time, Mazzeo came out against North Jersey casinos, and I gave him credit for that. I even thanked him.

But now, I feel I must retract those sentiments.


Senators Take State House Steps Ice Bath

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” has been the thing to do this summer, Save Jerseyans, as friends, family members and co-workers guilt each other into participating in what might be the first ever truly viral charity gimmick which, to day, is grossing better than $13 million.

Several high profile New Jersey politicians have already taken the plunge and shared their icy experience via Facebook and Twitter; on Monday, Senator Kevin O’Toole was joined by Senate President Steve Sweeney and a gaggle of other legislators to celebrate the 30,000 they’ve raised thus far.

Man, what I wouldn’t give to throw ice water on some of Trenton’s IDEA. One step at a time, I suppose…


A Third GOP Term? It’s Doable!

By James Pezzullo | The Save Jersey Blog

GOP State HousePerusing various news outlets, Save Jerseyans, you might think that the 2017 Gubernatorial election is a done deal for the Democrats. They’ve got a field of “strong” candidates – led by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop – they’ve lost just two statewide elections in this millennium, and they’ve capitalized on growing distrust for our current Republican governor, whose favorability stands at a net of 0 at 47-47 in the latest Quinnipiac survey.

All of this would appear, on the surface, to be the death knell of the New Jersey Republican Party’s hopes of keeping Drumthwacket come 2017.

But fear not, Save Jerseyans: there is hope that the Governorship will stay in Republican hands.


Bail Reform Fight is 100% Politics

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie addressed a joint session of the legislature on Thursday and his message was painfully simple, Save Jerseyans:

“I believe that I’ve been patient. And 2 1/2 of conversation and discussion, it seems to me, is sufficient.”

He’s referring, of course, to bail reform which in of itself isn’t very controversial. The Republican Governor and former U.S. Attorney – who is anything but a libertarian – joked about finding himself in bed with the ACLU on this particular issue, and the N.J. Supreme Court is on his side, too. Many South Jersey machine Democrats are backing it. Asm. Jon Bramnick, the GOP Assembly Minority Leader, says that there are sufficient votes for passage in his chamber.

So what’s the hold-up? Politics! What else…


Why Are Dems Eager to Declare A.C. Dead?

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog 

Sandy damage to the Atlantic City boardwalk

Sandy damage to the Atlantic City boardwalk (2012)

Save Jerseyans, Atlantic City is down, but not out notwithstanding its Moody’s credit rating setback.

Which makes me wonder why Democrats in New Jersey are so ready to declare Atlantic City dead and give up on the place?

Senate President Steve Sweeney has apparently already decided that there will be a ballot initiative to allow casinos in North Jersey. Senator Ray Lesniak has already decided that initiative has passed and is already planning the new casinos in North Jersey.

Sweeney and Lesniak are promising that money from North Jersey casinos will be spirited up the Parkway to fund the new casinos, essentially spitting in the face of South Jerseyans, especially when Atlantic City’s economy would be greatly helped if it wasn’t sending those tax dollars to Trenton.


Christie to Hold Court in Camden County

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie speaks at Rutgers Camden in 2012

Governor Christie speaks at Rutgers Camden in 2012

Most of Governor Chris Christie’s post-2012 town halls have taken place in Sandy-affected regions of Central Jersey and the Shore points, Save Jerseyans, and it’s not hard to see why, but for one day at least, he’s breaking out of that recovery-centric pattern on Wednesday as he heads to the suburban Camden County community of Haddon Heights.

The Q&A event, his 122nd, will focus on pension and benefits reform-related issues and is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. at the Atlantic Ave School Gymnasium (21 East Atlantic Avenue).

Christie’s choice of venue is more than symbolic.

A budget battle is heating up in Trenton, and Haddon Heights is represented by Donald Norcross (D-5), brother of the South Jersey Democrat Boss George Norcross III, the Governor’s sometimes ally who also happens to own the allegiance of Senate President Steve Sweeney’s legislative voting bloc. Undoubtedly the Governor hopes to ride into town one day after signing bipartisan arbitration cap legislation and apply a little pressure to the Democrats he’ll need in his camp to avoid a government shut down.

We’ll let you know how it goes. It’s always interesting…


Are You Dumb Enough to Trade $10 Billion for $560 Million?

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Author’s Note: I’m not THAT dumb, Save Jerseyans.

runningWhy do we ALWAYS have the same argument over a millionaires tax?

Scratch that, Save Jerseyans. Why do Democrats and newspaper editors, aka Harry & Lloyd, our friends from Dumb and Dumber, ALWAYS ignore the facts of this argument? I’m getting sick and tired of the facts staring them right in the face and then, instead of responding to logic and reason, they lie to our faces. When they say that people do not leave, that people do not flee a state when they institute a millionaires tax, grab a fire extinguisher, aim it at their pants and get ready to pull the pin.

Wealth flees, Save Jerseyans. Wealth flees. And here is what the FACTS tell us what happens when a state, any state, raises its millionaires tax.


The Arbitrary and Capricious Tax

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

yoloLet’s stop referring to it as a “Millionaire’s Tax,” Save Jerseyans.

That’s not honest. It isn’t what’s actually on the table in Trenton this morning. A better term would be the “Arbitrary and Capricious Tax.”

This is Senate President Steve Sweeney’s plan to save New Jersey’s budget, as articulated by his office to the media:

(1) 10.75% tax on “millionaires” generating $565 million
(2) 10.25% tax on the $500k – $1 million group generating $155 million

There’s plenty of way to come up with these funds by cutting rather than taxing, but as I reminded you earlier this week, folks, el Presidente doesn’t care whether it adds up. This is a political maneuver, not a product of good faith nor good math. Never forget that; otherwise, you’ll destroy your scalp as you scratch it from now until the end of days.


Trenton’s Broken Record

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

Edison_and_phonograph_edit1“This plan is not only a matter of fairness and responsibility with pension payments, it is really about the full range of government services and opportunities, including such things as property tax relief, college affordability, public schools, law enforcement, transportation and many more priority needs,” NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney said on Wednesday as he rolled out his counter-proposal to Governor Chris Christie’s budget. “We have to maintain the state’s commitment to all New Jersey residents by meeting all of our commitments. This is a fair and responsible plan that will help meet those needs as it restores balance to the budget in a fiscally responsible way.”


Sweeney vs. Reality

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Here we go again, Save Jerseyans.

Sweeney and Prieto

Sweeney and Prieto

The boorishly unimaginative Trenton Democrat caucus wants to “balance” New Jersey’s FY 2015 budget – without compromising promised pension payments – by raising taxes on the people who pay the bills. Senate President Sweeney’s competing budget proposal includes a millionaire’s tax (again); whether it’ll work isn’t up for debate since EVERY bit of objective evidence verifies that high taxes catalyze out-of-state migration.

You can’t tax ghosts, Mr. President. You can destroy jobs AND your tax base by convincing ghosts to haunt another lower-tax state. It’s never worked before and there’s no reason to think this time is different. “We have seen the suffocating impact of high taxes on the middle class families who have suffered as jobs moved away,” Assembly Republican Budget Officer Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth) very correctly declared on Wednesday afternoon. “The state’s economy cannot sustain additional pressures on employers who have other options. Many of them can and will decide to create jobs in other, more welcoming  states if these irresponsible, short-sighted proposals are actually enacted.”

And you know what? I think Steve Sweeney knows it’s true….


The Second Yalta Conference

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s New Jersey politics crica 2014 in a nutshell, Save Jerseyans.

In honor of the Governor and the Senate President gathering for yet another higher education “stimulus” groundbreaking on Wednesday….

Photo Credit (top): Tim Larsen/Governor’s Office

Photo Credit (top): Tim Larsen/Governor’s Office

Christie Cuts Deal for Rabner (and Solomon)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Lee Solomon

Lee Solomon

h/t Matt Friendman:

“According to three sources with knowledge of the agreement, Rabner — who has been chief justice since 2007 — will be nominated by Christie for tenure, and serve until he reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70 in 2030.

Christie, in turn, will get to nominate with Sweeney’s support a close ally to one of two vacant seats on the court: Superior Court Judge Lee Solomon, a Republican who previously served as president of the Board of Public Utilities.

Spokesmen for Christie and Sweeney declined to comment.”

I bet they did!


GOP Leaders Condemn Mag Limit Bill

Kean: “Criminals and Terrorists Do Not Follow Our Laws”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Tom Kean Jr.The New Jersey State Senate passed S993 on Monday by a largely party-line vote of 22-17, Save Jerseyans, approving its own version of wildly-unconstitutional legislation reducing magazine capacity in the Garden State from 15 to 10 rounds. [Note: the Assembly version is A2006.] Steve Sweeney’s chamber also passed A2777, a companion bill designed to dramatically limit residents’ ability to transport firearms, by a similar margin of 21-17.

One silver lining? The Senate GOP came out strong against it.

Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. told his Facebook following that he voted against S993 “…because criminals and terrorists do not follow our laws and will not reduce their magazines from 15 rounds to 10 rounds; This bill does nothing to improve public safety, distracts from the productive solutions of tackling mental health and illegal gun trafficking and subjects our responsible and caring friends and neighbors to jail time for no good reason.”


Christie CV’s Sandy Bill of Rights

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie, Stephen M. SweeneyIt’s one of the corner pieces of Steve Sweeney‘s 2017 gubernatorial campaign, Save Jerseyans, but Governor Chris Christie made it clear today that while he acknowledges documented problems with the disaster relief aid process, he’s not endorsing his fair weather ally’s so-called Sandy ‘Bill of Rights’ as-is.

He wants substantive changes.

“Since the devastating events of Superstorm Sandy eighteen months ago, New Jerseyans have come together in remarkable ways as a united and determined family dedicated to the recovery and rebuilding of our home,” Governor Christie declared in a statement accompanying his conditional veto of S1306 issued Monday. “In this bill, the Legislature laudably seeks to join those efforts, but has done so by proposing a series of new administrative procedures and spending requirements accompanied by a raft of partisan political findings, all styled as ‘rights,’” said Governor Christie.  “The result is unfortunately a series of post-hoc mandates that are violative of state and federal law, rife with illegal priorities and unquantifiable administrative costs, that would prove impossible to implement, frustrate sound future disaster planning, and all but certainly exceed federal funding for program administration.”

The Governor’s proposed changes are itemized below the fold…