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Goldberg Wins Mercer

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Brian Goldberg in Ocean County on 3/19

Brian Goldberg in Ocean County on 3/19

Brian Goldberg is the big winner in Mercer County tonight, Save Jerseyans, winning 63% of the committee vote and improving his statewide county line total to 5, which is 4 better than anyone else at the moment.

It’s a big step forward for his bid to be the NJ GOP’s U.S. Senate nominee.

I’m told Goldberg, an decorative concrete business owner, earned 50 votes from the participants, followed by 20 for Rich Pezzullo and 9 for Murray Sabrin. Sabrin was reportedly not in attendance but sent a surrogate in his stead.

Candidate Goldberg’s toughest challenges may come tomorrow (Saturday 3/22) with Monmouth County’s convention, for which the Monmouth resident Pezzullo has racked up two big legislative endorsements, and then Middlesex County where he was further back in the screening committee pile and, due to the interesting format (any registered Middlesex GOP’er can sign up, pay and vote), predictability is challenging.

Passaic Goes with Goldberg

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Brian Goldberg

Brian Goldberg

Here’s the U.S. Senate county breakdown thus far as of this brisk yet clear March morning, Save Jerseyans:

We’ve learned that Passaic County went with businessman Brian Goldberg on Saturday morning. Goldberg previously won the line in Essex County, too, and at this stage, he’s the only candidate with two counties in his column. That’s something.

It’s also something that’s not close to over. Monmouth County’s Rich Pezzullo earned Union County’s support back on March 1st. Professor Murray Sabrin walked away with the most votes (but not the line as of yet) from Middlesex County’s screening committee ahead of next weekend’s convention after a multi-ballot duel with former FBI agent Rob Turkavage.

Flip a coin. We’ll know more by the end of next Saturday at which point Ocean, Monmouth AND Middlesex will have formally weighed in on the contest.

Bramnick Won’t Run for Senate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

BramnickAsm. Jon Bramnick has shocked the N.J. political world by declining to run for U.S. Senate in 2014, Save Jerseyans, leaving the field wide open…

His statement:

“After thoroughly considering the opportunity to run for United States Senate in 2014, I have decided to remain focused on my role as Assembly Republican Leader. I appreciate the support and enthusiasm offered to me by countless party leaders, elected officials, and devoted volunteers across New Jersey. I look forward to continuing to work with Governor Christie and the dedicated members of the Assembly Republican caucus to advocate for the hardworking taxpayers of our state. “

Wow, right?? The only declared GOP challenger to Cory Booker (D-Twitter) at the moment is businessman Brian Goldberg. Bramnick’s surprise decision raises immediate questions as to whether the Christie political organization (of which Bramnick is a key member in the legislature) plans to take a pass on 2014 (and Bramnick got the message) or, alternatively, the Governor’s team is considering other as-of-yet-unnamed prospects… most of the other widely-speculated hypothetical challengers (Kean, Webber, etc.) took passes, too…

Now we’re waiting to hear if state Senator Mike Doherty jumps in… the water looks warm…



Anti-Lonegan Video May Rally Conservatives as Senate Race Heats Up

The Lonegan-Booker race is on rails and moving fast. Both candidates have been out and about, hitting events and raising cash for what will be one of the quickest turnarounds from primary to general election in New Jersey history.

Some liberal group called “American Bridge 21st Century” has put up a YouTube video that has gotten the attention of clear Lonegan supporter and usual foil around here, Paul Mulshine. In this instance however, Mulshine makes a great point.

The video, titled “Steve Lonegan: The Face of the New GOP” is a compilation of clips that show Steve Lonegan to be a “right wing extremist,” who essentially makes blunt statements that taken out of context sound a bit harsh on their own, but drive home ideas of personal and fiscal responsibility for the Federal government.

In a national campaign for President, this video would be particularly damaging. But in a statewide race where the turnout may be low enough to rival the average primary, this may be just what Lonegan needs to make sure conservatives get out there and vote on October 16th.

To get some of the more moderate voters out, Lonegan has the support of Governor Christie, who is said to be making a public endorsement of this former adversary this week. If the Christie GOP and the Lonegan GOP can come together, we may just be able to elect a Senator who doesn’t want to spend money that we simply do not have.

Game of Jersey: What to Expect from Lonegan, Booker, and the Media

Lonegan victory speech august 13Round 1 is over and the two frontrunners have come out on top. Former Mayor Steve Lonegan finally walked out of a statewide GOP primary the winner, and by quite a large margin. Likewise, Mayor Cory Booker strolled through his four way race with little to no serious opposition anywhere near his numbers. So what happens now?

The candidates each gave their victory speeches in a way that you would expect. Booker attempted to channel 2008 President Obama and run above the board, pledging to unite and champion a positive message. On the other side of the aisle, Steve Lonegan quoted Patrick Henry and talked about loving America. The two are almost parody’s of themselves.

Cory BookerI believe Booker when he says that he will be running a positive campaign. Much like he did during the primary, he will ignore Lonegan unless the Lonegan camp makes another mistake like its allegedly racist tweet from last week. Barring another politically incorrect disaster, Booker will tend to focus on himself while repeating the same tired themes the Democrats have been running on since “Hope” and “Forward” became viable political platforms.

The fact is, Booker will not need to go negative simply because the media will do that for him. The media loves Cory Booker, almost as much as Wall Street and Silicon Valley donors do. One person the media does not love is Steve Lonegan, and they will ensure that we all know it by mid-October. The media’s angle will not be to destroy Lonegan so much as to delegitimize him, to pull a Palin on him and make him seem as dumb as rocks. Thankfully Steve Lonegan is no Sarah Palin and should not make things quite so easy.

The Lonegan campaign will come out of the gate swinging, and they need to. Booker, like a Christie on the left, polls well across the board and is generally considered likable. Those running the Lonegan campaign are some of the most vocal critics of the Republican Party in recent years for its alleged lack of spine and willingness to call Democrats out on the issues and personal dirt. Expect Booker to be forced to answer for some of his more liberal positions that are outside the mainstream, and don’t be surprised to hear him backpedal his obvious leap to the left that occurred during the primary when candidates like Rush Holt were taking him to task.


We are 9 weeks out from this Special Election and picking a new Senator for the our State, and no doubt a lot will happen. The Game of Jersey will be anything but dull.


The #NJSen GOP Debate (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

If you missed last week’s GOP U.S. Senate debate on News 12 between Steve Lonegan and Alieta Eck, Save Jerseyans, then here you go:

Bookmark our special election archives for all the latest.

Scudiery Out to Defeat Pallone

Former Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Frank PalloneVictor V. Scudiery, the Monmouth County businessman and former 23 year Chairman of the Monmouth County Democrats, is backing up his endorsement of Newark Mayor Cory Booker in the August 13 Special U.S. Senate Primary with an aggressive negative endorsement of Congressman Frank Pallone.

Scudiery is launching a personally financed campaign this morning designed to weaken Pallone’s support in his 6th Congressional district home base of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. Scudiery’s efforts are independent of and without the prior knowledge of the Booker for Senate campaign.

The $45,000 campaign includes a mailing to 75,000 likely Democratic primary voters, print ads in local weekly newspapers and a web based ad campaign on local websites.


#NJSen GOP Primary Poll

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

SenateSteve Lonegan looks like the frontrunner today as petitions are filed in Trenton, Save Jerseyans; he’s locking up establishment backing, has considerable grassroots support after years of running campaigns and working with AFP-NJ, and as a direct result of these past activities, is the only GOP contender with register-able (is that a word?) name recognition.

But he won’t be the only one on the ballot this August 13th… we’ll learn more about Dr. Eck over the next several weeks, too.

Who are YOU supporting in the Republican U.S. Senate special primary?

Who Are You Supporting in August’s GOP #NJSen Primary? free polls 

Lonegan Lands 7,000+ Signatures

Two-Way GOP Primary Begins Between Former Mayor, Anti-ObamaCare Doctor

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Occupy Trenton, Occupy Wall street

Updated 3:04 p.m., 6/10/13

Steve Lonegan is filing 7,210 signatures in Trenton today collected by over 240 circulators from all twenty-one Garden State counties, a source with the former mayor’s U.S. Senate campaign tells Save Jersey.

Lonegan filed roughly the same number as his likely October Democrat opponent, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, according to PolitickerNJ.

His only confirmed opponent for the August special primary election, Dr. Alieta Eck, filed about 2,300 on Monday afternoon. The number required to gain ballot access is 1,000.

A third possible candidate, Brian Goldberg, failed to obtain enough signatures according to a campaign release. His campaign FB page reported that he had come up with 600 signatures as of Sunday afternoon and implored supporters that “[i]f anybody has a political miracle in their pocket, now’s the time to pull it out!” 

Click here to stay on top of all developments…

Lonegan Should Alter His Rhetoric

By Art Gallagher |

Steve LoneganIf he really wants to be a U.S. Senator, Steve Lonegan should eliminate the words ‘Obama’ and ‘Obamacare’ from his stump speech and talking points. He should never say the phrase ‘Republican backbone” in public again.

Despite the recent scandals in the IRS, State Department and Justice Department, the president remains popular. 48% of American voters still approve of the president according to the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll released Sunday.   It is a safe bet that New Jersey voters, who reelected President Obama by 18% only 8 months ago, have a higher regard for the president than rest of the country.

Running against Barack Obama in New Jersey is a losing strategy. Running against ‘Washington’ works.  Running against the IRS, government eavesdropping, raising healthcare costs and the anemic economy works.  Running for liberty and prosperity works. Running for jobs, better education, better healthcare and less government intrusion into our personal lives works.

‘Republican backbone’ sounds scary to most New Jersey voters who are not Republican.

Unless a well known and well funded Republican we haven’t heard about shows up in Trenton with 1000 valid signatures to get on the Special Primary ballot this afternoon, we’ll be calling Steve Lonegan the presumptive GOP nominee for Senate tomorrow.


Why Steve Locked It Up

…Or How the GOP Establishment Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lonegan (Sort of)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Lonegan and Christie

I told you that Governor Christie’s “October logic” wasn’t off base, Save Jerseyans. Every passing day yields developments that seem to verify it. Thus far…

Let’s consider where we’re at in this admittedly bizarre special Senate race saga: there are still a couple of other Republicans who will attempt to file 1,000+ petitions today for the U.S. Senate special — notably Dr. Alieta Eck who appears to be garnering Tea Party backing — but right now the momentum is clearly in Steve Lonegan’s favor.

He’s received the formal support of at least five GOP county chairmen over the weekend. It’s a once unthinkable accomplishment for a man who was vanquished by the establishment-back Chris Christie in 2009. What on earth happened??

Chris Christie’s team of strategists happened. I was on the phone all weekend, Save Jerseyans, and there were at least a handful of reputable current office holders considering entry into the GOP primary. They held off because it quickly became apparent, as they tested the waters in person and over the telephone lines, that the Republican chairs had read Trenton’s cues carefully.


What Christie Should’ve Said

By Bill Pascoe | Cross-Posted from In the Right

Christie Confused“The responsibility of making an appointment to fill a seat in the United States Senate is one of the most serious things any Governor is called upon to do. It requires a Governor to make a judgment in lieu of and on behalf of his state’s voters, and his decision rightly will become part of his own record in office.

“Consequently, I have chosen to rescind my earlier order setting a special primary election for August 13, and a special election for October 16. Upon further reflection, it’s become clear to me that holding a primary election in the middle of August, when many New Jerseyans are vacationing at the Shore, isn’t the right thing to do. Neither is holding a special general election on a Wednesday in the middle of October, three weeks before an already-scheduled statewide general election. There’s just no way I can justify spending $24 million of the taxpayers’ money on this, when a cost-free option is so readily available.

“And yes, the ‘further reflection’ I alluded to a moment ago includes consideration of the likely actions of New Jersey Democrats — a particularly litigious bunch (after all, with no disrespect intended, it was only because of a lawsuit brought by former Sen. Robert Torricelli that Frank Lautenberg was able to return to the U.S. Senate) — who are likely to have been planning to sue me to overturn my earlier decision. Their argument would have centered on the notion of ‘voter choice,’ and they would have argued that, the clear wording of the statutes notwithstanding, the earlier date for the special general election would have had the effect of ‘disenfranchising’ voters. And, given the history of its jurisprudence in this area of law — including the aforementioned suit brought by Mr. Torricelli — the New Jersey Supreme Court would likely have ruled in their favor, anyway.


Lonegan Discusses Run (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

h/t NJ Today:

Kyrillos and Bramnick Out

Senate Race Still Taking Shape with Only Five Days Left Before Petition Deadline

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


We’ve only just buried the late Senator Lautenberg but events continue to accelerate in the fight to succeed him, Save Jerseyans. That’s the ‘game of thrones’ -Jersey style.

The latest: 2012 GOP nominee Joe Kyrillos is NOT seeking the Republican nomination to replace Frank Lautenberg in the U.S. Senate. That’s according to NRO and MMM. Somewhere, Irwin Fletcher is smiling.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite conservative grump Steve Lonegan is already on the attack. At his official campaign Facebook page launched on Wednesday, Lonegan’s campaign wasted no time seeking to contrast itself with the one other Republican openly weighing entry Asm. Jon Bramnick who, according to PolitickerNJ, is no longer in the race as of this morning:

Jon Bramnick is a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-amnesty “moderate” who will fund ObamaCare and vote for Obama’s judges and against conservative judges. If he runs, Republicans will have a clear choice for U.S. Senate.”

See how quickly things can change?