FEMA Fails Sea Bright

FEMA Fails Sea Bright

Sea Bright STEPs Back from FEMA Flop

By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com

Chris Christie and Dina Long in Sea BrightRedBankGreen is reporting that the Borough of Sea Bright has ended its participation of a federal pilot program set up to get residents displaced by Superstorm Sandy back into their homes quickly, because… surprise surprise, the Sheltering and Temporary Electric and Power (STEP) program was holding residents back:

Town officials cited indecision and flip-flops over what would be covered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s Sheltering and Temporary Electric and Power, or STEP, program as the main the reasons for the withdrawal.

“The goal was to get the residents home,” said Mayor Dina Long. “We thought the STEP program would be very helpful in achieving that goal, but ultimately it turned out to be unworkable.”


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