Christie Signs 7 Bills, Vetoes 11

Christie Signs 7 Bills, Vetoes 11

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie at desk signing budgetIt was a busy day in the Governor’s office, Save Jerseyans. Exceptionally so.

Chris Christie issued no less than eight (8) absolute vetoes, three (3) conditional vetoes and seven (7) signatures on Monday afternoon. Whew. For the loyal and dedicated policy wonks out there in Save Jersey Land, here’s a complete list along with accompanying veto statements…


S-1911/A-3047 (Madden, O’Toole/Diegnan, Lampitt, Egan, Quijano) – ‟Children’s Sudden Cardiac Events Reporting Act”

S-2363/A-4025 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Giblin, Cryan) – Requires home improvement contractors to display State-issued identification badge; requires surrender in certain circumstances; imposes penalty for improper display of badge

S-2516/A-3278 (Norcross, Oroho/Handlin, Barnes, A.M. Bucco) – Increases civil and criminal penalties involving unstamped and counterfeit cigarettes and cigarette smuggling and establishes crime involving transfers of counterfeit cigarettes

S-2715/A-4094 (Lesniak, Ruiz/Quijano, S. Kean) – Requires DOE to prepare and distribute informational pamphlets on how parents can limit a child’s exposure to media violence

S-2737/A-4217 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Greenwald, Rible) – Permits contractor in certain construction contracts with State college to choose between a retainage deduction from monthly progress payments or depositing a bond; allows 2% retainage deduction of amount due on each partial payment

S-2739/A-4187 (Madden, A.R. Bucco/Egan, Dancer) – Prohibits relieving certain charges of employer unemployment insurance accounts

S-2821/A-4194 (Norcross/Fuentes, Wilson) – Makes various changes to the Urban Hope Act including the financing and siting of renaissance school projects


S-454/A-2421 (Turner, Vitale/Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Wagner, Jasey)  – ABSOLUTE – Permits a student to participate in certain voluntary surveys if the district sends prior written notification to the student’s parents; limits use of information obtained from survey  [click here to read veto statement]

S-576/ACS for A-936, 922 (Madden/Riley, Moriarty) – ABSOLUTE Requires certain notifications, and provides for guaranteed NJ Spill Compensation Fund coverage, upon sale of property where private well is treated by point of entry water treatment system [click here to read veto statement]

SCS for S-1085/ACS for A-2837 (B. Smith, Norcross/McKeon, Moriarty, Chivukula) – CONDITIONAL –Establishes forest stewardship program for State-owned lands [click here to read veto statement]

S-1253/ACS for A-1665 (Vitale, Gordon, Allen/Johnson, Vainieri Huttle, Diegnan, Gusciora, Quijano) ABSOLUTE – Requires SHBP and SHEBP to cover treatment for alcoholism, other substance-use disorders, and non biologically-based mental illnesses under same terms and conditions as for other diseases or illnesses [click here to read veto statement]

SCS for S-1191/ACS for A-2974 (Lesniak, Sarlo/Mosquera, Diegnan, Greenwald, Quijano, Giblin, Sumter) – ABSOLUTE – Allows establishment of county-wide purchasing system for certain school district services in certain counties; offers employment protections for certain food or custodial service employees; and regulates subcontracting by districts and public higher education institutions [click here to read veto statement]

S-1868/A-1331 (Van Drew, Pou/Greenwald, Singleton, DeCroce) – ABSOLUTE – Provides sales and use tax exemption for sales of services performed to certain prewritten computer software delivered electronically [click here to read veto statement)

S-1888/A-2938 (Codey, Allen/Jasey, Caputo, O’Donnell) – CONDITIONAL – Requires emergency shelters for the homeless to admit persons with mental illness unless they pose danger [click here to read veto statement]

S-1889/A-2937 (Codey, Stack/Jasey, Caputo, O’Donnell, Vainieri Huttle) – CONDITIONAL – Prohibits emergency shelters for the homeless from refusing to provide services for minimum time frame unless shelters are at maximum capacity [click here to read veto statement]

S-2551/S-3718 (Van Drew, Scutari/Diegnan, Handlin, Stender) – ABSOLUTE – Permits real estate licensees to prepare broker price opinions and comparative market analyses [click here to read veto statement]

S-2620/A-3874 (Sacco, Cunningham/Prieto, Ramos, Jimenez) – ABSOLUTE – Revises eligibility criteria for shore protection funding [click here to read veto statement]

S-2680/A-3933 (Sacco, Kyrillos/Handlin, Prieto, Jimenez) – ABSOLUTE – Allows development on piers in coastal high hazard areas in certain urban municipalities [click here to read veto statement]

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