America’s 9th Most Corrupt State

America’s 9th Most Corrupt State

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

A scene from HBO's popular "Boardwalk Empire" series
A scene from HBO’s popular “Boardwalk Empire” series

HBO’s Atlantic City-based Boardwalk Empire starts up again for its fourth season on Sunday, Save Jerseyans.

What an appropriate time for the folks over at Business Insider to evaluate America’s most corrupt states! It’s almost as if HBO had a hand in it…

But with Nucky long-since gone from A.C. and a former U.S. Attorney at the helm in Trenton, the Garden State isn’t quite as high on the list as it’s been in the past. Still, we’re no slouches at #9 overall.

You can read the article for yourself to understand Business Insider‘s calculus. Personally, I’m unaware of any other state in the Union that had an active, politician-and-rabbi operated organ trafficking network. Just sayin’…

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