Black GOP’ers Out; ‘Black Mass’ In

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By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

A black mass depiction. Coming to an Ivy League institution near you?

A 19th century black mass engraving. Coming to an Ivy League institution near you?

That’s what we learned from this week’s big stories, Save Jerseyans.

We know Black Republicans aren’t welcome in the halls of higher education’s lauded institutions. Condi Rice, the most accomplished African American public servant in our nation’s history, found out the hard way last weekend.

But guess who is? The Devil.

And I’m not joking around or attempting a poor Dana Carvey “Church Lady” impression.

The Boston Archdiocese is justifiably apoplectic over Harvard University’s plan to allow a satanic “black mass” on its campus. Yes, you read that correctly…

One of America’s premiere educations institutions, alma mater of seven U.S. presidents, is going to allow devil worship on its campus for “educational” purposes in the guise of letting its students experience something new (for those who aren’t aware, a black mass is celebrated by devil worshipers, its origins stemming back to the Middle Ages, with the intention of desecrating the Holy Eucharist).

Harvard wants us to know that an actual consecrated host won’t be used. Whew!

So what’s on tap for next semester?

A mock minority lynching hosted by the drama club or KKK rally performed by the Greek houses?

But please, whatever you do, academics of the world, NEVER expose the children to a member of the… Bush Administration!!!! Or post a poorly-viewed video parodying Middle Eastern culture. That last one will get you blamed for an overseas riot.

I said it on Thursday and I’ll say it again today, Save Jerseyans: if you want to save the next generation, we need to start pressuring colleges to hire genuine educators instead of radical activists. It isn’t even a Left vs. Right thing anymore. These people are off-the-rails crazy!

The only other alternative is to accept an incoming generation of kids who think black masses are fun and abortion is cool but can’t compete with the Chinese or subsist without subsidized contraception.


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