Burlco GOP slams “retread” 2016 opponents

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Fresh off of a wildly-successful election cycle in which the Burlington County GOP achieved a 5-0 Republican freeholder board majority, the party took a shot at their beleaguered Democrat counterparts on Friday for nominating “retread” candidates for Sheriff, Surrogate and Freeholder in 2016.

burlington gop“The fact that the best Burlington County Democrats could do in a Presidential election is nominate three failed candidates who have all been rejected by county voters before demonstrates just how disorganized and weak their party has become locally,” said Burlington County GOP Chairman Bill Layton. “A double-dipping Sheriff’s candidate; a special interest lawyer for Surrogate; and a Freeholder candidate notorious for failing to pay her taxes or her own bills – that’s a ticket that should send shivers up the spine of any taxpayer.”

Democrat sheriff contender James Kostoplis ran and lost a contest with Sheriff Jean Stanfield in 2013, Surrogate candidate Sander Friedman failed to unseat Surrogate George Kotch in 2011, and Freeholder candidate Reva Foster lost to current Freeholder Joe Donnelly by 20+ points in 2013.

The Burlington Democrat organization has yet to recover from then-party chairman Rick Perr‘s 2009 resignation and the late John Adler‘s ensuing CD3 defeat in 2010. Thus far in 2016, Democrats have yet to capitalize on what should be favorable turnout conditions in Burlington County where, despite a party registration advantage, they’ve yet to recruit a challenger to freshman Congressman Tom MacArthur.