POLL: Who Do YOU Want to Win Super Bowl 51?

I’m a South Jersey-based Eagles fan rooting for the New England Patriots over the Atlanta Falcons today, Save Jerseyans.

First time in my life. And yes, I feel a little dirty, but I’m also not conflicted.


(A) The NFL commissioner is a coward, and obnoxiously politically correct, and I want to see him have to hand over the trophy to Donald Trump’s friend Robert Craft;

(B) The Trump-Brady White House victory ceremony will be the single greatest troll of 2017 (!);


(C) I like watching greatness (as my brother so eloquently put it at a recent family dinner), and while there’s plenty of evidence that the Patriot have bent the rules and aren’t always the most gracious sportsmen, you can’t deny that they’re in a class of their own in terms of raw, consistent talent.

You don’t have to like it! But good luck telling me it doesn’t make sense.

Where do you fall as kickoff approaches?

Who are you rooting for in Super Bowl 51?

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