VIDEO: Varney and Sweeney spar over N.J. taxes on Fox Business

New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney‘s Democrat Party raised taxes on New Jerseyans no less than 115 times in the eight years preceding Governor Chris Christie’s 2010 inauguration, Save Jerseyans.

Now? With Governor-elect Phil Murphy promising $1.3 billion in new taxes? And a federal tax reform package with less potent SALT deductions through the House of Representatives? Sweeney suddenly agrees it’s time for “hitting the pause button,” a claim he’s made in recent days and repeated this Tuesday morning for Fox Business’s Stuart Varney.

Varney wasn’t impressed.

“Why don’t you think about cutting taxes in New Jersey. Why don’t you do that? You get more revenue if you do that,” Varney shot back.

An argument ensued with Sweeney passing the buck back to Congress.

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