Yes, a former Menendez juror showed up at his victory party.

By Matt Rooney

I love my homes state, Save Jerseyans. I think that’s obvious.

But I can’t lie and pretend that we don’t earn our bad national reputation.

Case in point…

Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby attended Bob Menendez’s Hoboken victory celebration on Tuesday night. Who? I’m not surprised if you don’t remember. Arroyo-Maultsby was a juror at Menendez’s 2017 corruption/bribery trial (which ended in an inconclusive mistrial). She was ultimately dismissed by the Court to attend a vacation.

“I came out here to night because I know Bob Menendez is a good person,” Arroyo-Maultsby told Tuesday night. “Bob Menendez is a very good man. … He did nothing wrong. He’s a great man. I voted for him.”

You can’t make this s–t up. It’s like an HBO series! But real…