Blockbuster jobs numbers help explain Democrats’ impeachment preoccupation | Tober

By Kevin Tober

The news just keeps getting better, Save Jerseyans!

Which means bad news for Impeachment obsessed Democrats.

The BLS just announced on Friday that the economy has added a massive 266,000 jobs in November, drastically exceeding expectations by over 100,000 jobs.

Manufacturing jobs are up as well and General Motors is investing $175 million dollars in a new plant in Ohio.

The unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5% which is a 50-year low!

Hourly earnings for workers have increased 3.1%.

African American unemployment is the lowest on record, which could explain why Trump has seen growth in political support among this particular group of Americans. Democrats know all this and are panicking.

The Trump economy has been booming for two years now. They know Trump has been a successful and historic president: tax cuts, regulatory reform, two Supreme Court and over 150 circuit and appellate judges confirmed, renegotiated trade deals, the border wall underway, recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel… I could go on and on about his successes; click here for a comprehensive list.

Democrats know that their field of presidential candidates is extremely weak, and their front runner keeps putting his foot in his mouth. They know that the only chance they have of beating him is through impeachment. Even if the Senate votes to acquit the president of all charges, they are betting that a constant drumbeat of campaign ads and mainstream media mentions of Trump being impeached will tarnish the president and would be enough to defeat him next year.

It’s a pretty dangerous gamble but it’s all they have. This week’s jobs numbers definitively explain why the Democrats feel it’s impeachment or bust if they want to stop Donald Trump and his supporters next year. 


KEVIN TOBER is a Young Republican activist with a passion for limited government and the Constitution. When he isn’t pounding the pavement for Republican candidates from one end of the state to the other as an operative or tracker, he is reading books on politics and our founders or watching Fox News. He hopes one day to run a presidential campaign.