NJ-03: Richter compares Gibbs to Snookie in pre-Ocean GOP convention attack ad

TOMS RIVER, N.J. – Things aren’t getting any nicer ahead of the March 4th Ocean County Republican convention.

On Friday, the NJ-03 House campaign of candidate David Richter dropped a downright savage online video ad targeting primary rival Kate Gibbs; while the substance of the ad is old territory (the rival GOP campaigns have been killing one another with opposition research), this one goes a big step further by comparing Gibbs’s wild childhood and youthful indiscretions to the behavior of infamous MTV Jersey Shore star Snookie:

Why it matters:

Gibbs won the Ocean County screening committee endorsement last weekend; with Burlington’s support already in hand, she’s probably the presumptive GOP nominee if she can win the upcoming Ocean County convention and get both counties dominating the district in her corner.

The Ocean GOP committee is dominated by older, relatively conservative Jersey Shore Republicans who loathe the benny Jersey Shore crowd. Team Richter clearly believes comparing Gibbs’s personal past missteps to Snookie & Co.’s notorious behavior (and juxtaposing Gibbs to images of Snookie falling down all over the place) presents a winning contrast to any undecided convention participants. It’s also a gamble, of course.