Official N.J. Twitter account lectures residents that there’s “no excuse” for Coronavirus “racism”

By Matt Rooney

As if there wasn’t enough to worry about at the moment, Save Jerseyans, the American Left has found a new way to politicize Coronavirus: by accusing anyone calling it the “Wuhan Virus” of being a racist

The virus’s epicenter IS the Chinese city of Wuhan. It’s where this thing caught fire. Is it racist to refer to “French Bread” as French? Are we being insensitive to the small Connecticut hamlet of Lyme which gave Lyme Disease its name? Give me a break. Stupid. 

But the Media is out there saying it all the same because, ya know, wokeness is next to godliness:

What’s even dumber?

That infamous official New Jersey Twitter account – renowned for “your mom” level humor and which costs taxpayers six-figures to operate – is parroting this politically correct garbage: 

Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Meanwhile, New Jersey experienced its first Coronavirus-related death on Tuesday: a 69-year-old Bergen County man with significant preexisting health conditions.