UC BERKELY: New Jersey’s Covid -19 response is among the nation’s worst

New Jersey has earned another dubious distinction, Save Jerseyans.

Shortly before Easter, UC Berkeley’s “Othering & Belonging Institute” (which let’s face it is the most Berkeley-ish name for an institute you could ever imagine!) released a study ranking the respective states’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The primary criteria were rates of testing, infection, and death.

New Jersey – which as the nation’s worst COVID-19 death rate – finished 46th out of 50th.

What’s especially interesting about this analysis is that it’s conclusions aren’t consistent with what you and I know, Save Jerseyans. UC Berkeley says states that locked down harder (e.g. with mask mandates) fared better. But is that true? New Jersey’s poor ranking is obviously problematic for that theory as is Texas’s continued falling numbers despite eliminating its own mask mandate.

So take this analysis with a grain of salt, but it’s instructive that the Murphy Administration is a failure by the respective yardsticks of the Right AND the Left.

Click here to read the full analysis.

Matt Rooney
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