Phil Murphy’s ANCHOR rebate program is “crap”

Phil Murphy’s ANCHOR rebate program is “crap”

They never try to actually cut the nation’s worst property taxes, Save Jerseyans. All we ever get are gimmicks.

Governor Murphy’s initial “ANCHOR” program tax announcement fell flat, so Murphy and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin tried to sweeten the pot at a Wednesday presser by announcing additional goodies.

Democrats claim the ANCHOR plan will afford two million individuals a cumulative benefit of $2 billion in rebates.

Republicans immediately cried foul, pointing out that the GOP’s rival “Give It Back” proposals worth more than twice as much – $4.5 billion – benefitting four million Garden State residents. four-million New Jerseyans.

“The ANCHOR rebates that Governor Murphy and Democrats announced today are underwhelming to say the least,” said state Senator Mike Testa (R-1) who serves on the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee. “The ‘Give It Back’ rebates proposed by Senate Republicans would provide double the relief and help twice as many people. This is likely a sign that Democrats are more focused on divvying up billions of pork in the budget than providing New Jersey families with real tax relief this year.”

“Sorry my friends on other side of the aisle…but this is crap,” tweeted state Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13). “Your program actually provides less than $1.4 billion in add’l relief…w/some current rebate recipients getting cut…oh, and it takes almost a year come! Repubs plan provides $4.5 billion of add’l relief…right now.”