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Ronald And Donald: The Parallels Will Astound You!

By Dan Cirucci Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog — It occurred to me while reading Bob Spitz’s great, new, exhaustive biography Reagan, An American Journey. Again and again I was struck by the similarities. Now, don’t laugh about Read More

30 Years Ago Today: “Tear Down This Wall!”

It’s sad for more than one reason to see Europe surrender its future to murderous, Islamist barbarians, Save Jerseyans.  30 years ago? Today? Ronald Reagan visited West Berlin and, standing in front of the infamous Berlin Wall, declared “There is Read More

OPINION: Why Reagan Destroyed the Republican Party

Is that a shocking enough headline for you? I know there are conservatives and blue dog Democrats alike reeling in horror right now. Let me make my case and you can call me anything you want after. Ronald Reagan, originally Read More

The Trump Revolution

In early 1981, as Ronald Reagan prepared to become the 40th President of the United States, people were already haling the Reagan Revolution. Liberals screamed at President Reagan’s appointees, even though the only one who was remotely controversial was Interior Read More

Trump to Follow Reagan Model in Federal Hiring Freeze

President-elect Donald Trump won’t be saying you’re fired, but he will be saying you’re froze as a one means of shrinking the bureaucracy. Trump has pledged to reduce the federal workforce through attrition, and leaving positions unfilled through a hiring Read More

N.J. legislator calls on Hollywood to fight, not parody, Alzheimer’s after Ferrell Reagan movie flap

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Will Ferrell has decided that making fun of Alzheimer’s (and President Reagan) isn’t exactly high comedy, Save Jerseyans. He’s passing on a script for “Reagan,” a film that parodies the late commander-in-chief’s alleged Read More

Donald Rumsfeld, Cruz’s father headline N.J. Reagan Day

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog 1,000-ish Republicans gathered for Assemblyman Jay Webber‘s annual Reagan Day dinner on Wednesday night, Save Jerseyans, this year at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park. The annual event’s attendance continues to grow Read More