Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018
Category: Sick Leave

N.J. Democrats Block Sick Leave Reform (Again)

For the third time this year, Save Jerseyans, the Senate Democrats have blocked an effort to clamp down on New Jersey’s infamous sick leave payouts. S-2947 would have limited public employees’ retirement payout to $10,000 in accumulated unused sick leave. Vacation leave would be carried forwarded for one year only. S-572 sought to end “terminal […]

N.J. Senator demands sick leave reform after $440k Englewood Cliffs payout

A report that Englewood Cliffs’s former Deputy Police Chief is getting more than $441,000 in payouts, a sum which includes almost $120,000 in exchange for 150 unused sick days, has some legislators clamoring for long-neglected sick leave reforms. “Sick days are there to be used during an employee’s tenure. They aren’t some kind of retirement present from the […]

Trump’s paid maternity leave proposal is a short-sighted illusion

Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka will be in Aston, PA this evening, Save Jerseyans, to unveil a new proposal aimed at helping women and families, part of which includes providing six weeks of paid maternity leave. What we know about the proposal so far is that the new benefit would not compel employers to pay […]

2016 Off To a Dreadful Start for Small Businesses in New Jersey

By Laurie Ehlbeck We haven’t even made it out of the first quarter of 2016 but there is already plenty for small businesses in New Jersey to be concerned about on the upcoming legislative calendar. Senator Sweeney and Speaker Prieto seem determined to continue to challenge the economic stability of our state by introducing bills […]

Biting the hand that feeds them

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog Can we agree that New Jersey’s business and economic climate is a disaster? So where’s the agreement on how to fix it? State Senate President Steve Sweeney insists upon a “millionaire’s tax” to cover the current pension mess, while others demand mandatory employer-paid sick leave. New […]

Tend to your own business, Star-Ledger!

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog Isn’t it enough that The Star-Ledger runs its own business into the ground? Now you team up with legislative Democrats, none of whom could run a lemonade stand let alone a business, to drive New Jersey further to rack and ruin with an ill-conceived paid-sick-leave scheme. […]

Barf! Terminally-Flawed Sick Pay Bill Advances

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog In their latest move designed to destroy New Jersey’s job market, Trenton Democrats rammed a private sector sick pay bill (A-2354) through the Assembly Labor Committee Monday. Frustrated committee member Parker Space (R-Sussex, Warren and Morris), a small businessman when he’s not legislating (and trying to state sane) in […]

Sick Pay? Sick in the Head!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Trenton’s mistakes aren’t what make it remarkable, Save Jerseyans. It’s Trenton’s penchant for doubling-down on clearly perceptible, unambiguously disastrous decisions which produce the jaw-drop effect in those of us with a brain! The example on mind: sick leave pay. Sick leave pay is another cost-driver in our […]

N.J. Sick Leave = Sicker Job Market

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog I’m still trying to figure out how State Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) came up with a proposal for one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, Save Jerseyans; that’s roughly 5.333 sick hours per month based on a 4-week month. It works out to about 63.996 […]