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LIVE STREAM: The Second Presidential Debate

Tonight’s second presidential debate of 2012 gets underway at 9:00 p.m. EST, Save Jerseyans, live from New York’s Hofstra University. CNN’s Candy Crowley is the moderator of this “town hall” format debate where an audience, comprised of allegedly undecided voters selected Read More

The ONLY Domestic Policy Point That Mitt Needs to Make Tonight

A South Jerseyan standing with a Mitt cut-out (h/t Susanne LaFrankie) Every talking head in America wants to force their “sage” advice on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama heading into tonight’s town hall-style presidential debate at Hofstra University. My two cents? When President Obama tries to drop the Read More

We’re Not Laughing, Mr. Vice President

Deflated Obama backers concocted a variety of exotic excuses for last week’s epic Romney debate victory. They blamed the moderator, the format, the opponent, the sparring partner… and yes, the altitude. Thanks, Al. But ultimately, my dear Save Jerseyans, it Read More

POLL: Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

The Vice Presidential debate is over, Save Jerseyans. My initial reaction? I’m glad Joe Biden thinks a nuclear Iran, the worst economy since the Great Depression and my grandmother’s health care are absolutely hilarious… let’s see how his inability to control Read More