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TRIGGER WARNING: Sincere coping advice for the chronically Trump-traumatized

*Warning* This is NOT a safe space. What you are about to read is blunt, candid analysis that may trigger you. By continuing to read this post you agree that the author and/or Save Jersey staff shall not be held liable Read More

The Great Gender Wage Gap Lie evolves again! to include race….

By Alyssa Lafage | The Save Jersey Blog If you repeat something enough times it does not become truth, Save Jerseyans but that doesn’t stop left wing groups or the Democratic nominee for President from repeating the debunked lie that women Read More

Can CPAC Save Christie’s Sagging Republican Poll Numbers?

By Brian McGovern | The Save Jersey Blog Yesterday, Chris Christie gave a speech at CPAC 2014 that many in the media are considering a resounding success. Not because Christie came into that hotel in Maryland and blew everyone away Read More

Syria: the Time is Yesterday!

The Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad is on its last legs. Despite support from Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia the Alawi dictatorship has been battling insurgents in its capital, Damascus, and leaders in its government have been assassinated. Much has Read More

Norcross & Lautenberg: Making New Jersey Politics Fun Again

As per usual, Save Jerseyans, I am going to be completely honest with you. New Jersey politics has been a bit boring lately. Do not get me wrong, there are some bright spots. I think the Rutgers Camden merger/takeover issue Read More

Save Rutgers: Rowan Issues Its Plan and “Assumptions” for the Takeover

Yesterday Rowan University unveiled a 19 page document that outlined what it sees as the way forward for the takeover of Rutgers Camden. The report itself is rather interesting. It lays out a ton of timelines, gives a general overview Read More