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#MenendezTrial Polling Shows NJ Voters Overwhelmingly Want Resignation

National media outlets have been unenthusiastic, if not completely silent, when it comes to reporting on the corruption trial of Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Save Jerseyans. Even breaking developments as recent as Monday were not a focus of national evening Read More

This Week’s #DACA Reaction? A New Record for Fabricated Outrage.

#DACA has been a hot topic the last few days, Save Jerseyans, with many Democrats making over the top statements in expressing their outrage with President Trump’s decision to roll back then-President Obama’s unconstitutional executive order. I’m not sure whether Read More

ALERT: Pending N.J. Gun Legislation Would Forever Change The Doctor/Patient Relationship

The Trenton Democrats are relentless, Save Jerseyans, and they won’t stop until every lawful gun owner is somehow or another considered unfit to possess a firearm. Their latest attack on the Second Amendment comes via A-2938, a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Read More

Save Jersey’s Alyssa Lafage named 8th ‘hottest’ woman in conservative media

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog While we love our dear friend and regular contributor Alyssa Lafage primarily for her brain, Save Jerseyans, a leading national conservative news outlet thinks she also happens to be downright gorgeous! The website Read More