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Langschultz is giving Gordon a tough fight in LD38, and the incumbent’s reaction is ‘deplorable’

Bob Gordon (D-38) is growing desperate down the final stretch of Election 2017, Save Jerseyans. Desperate may actually be an understatement. While Republicans mostly see a neck-and-neck race, Gordon clearly thinks he’s behind or at least slipping badly. Gordon confirmed Read More

LD38 TRAINWRECK: Democrat Senator Bob Gordon shockingly declares NJ Transit ‘working pretty well’

NJ Transit is pretty deservedly controversial these days. The existence of NJ Transit’s problems aren’t exactly controversial, Save Jerseyans. Unless, perhaps, you’re state Senator Bob Gordon (D-38) who is running for reelection this year while simultaneously serving as chairman of Read More

COWARDS: Vulnerable N.J. Dems abstained on #HorizonHeist bill

It’s hard to find someone in Trenton who doesn’t have an opinion on the #HorizonHeist bill, Save Jerseyans, but a few Democrats didn’t bother to take a position at all. Their reasoning didn’t have anything to do with ethical conflicts Read More

TRAIN WARS: Kean, Langschultz Troll Hapless Gordon with Early Morning NJ Transit Trip

Senator Bob Gordon (D-38), Chairman of the New Jersey State Senate’s Legislative Oversight Committee, rode with invited guests to tour the tunnel to Penn Station this Friday morning. His 2017 opponent thinks he’s acting a little bit too much like a passenger.  Read More

Langschultz Goes After Gordon for ‘Lack of Leadership’ During NJ Transit Crisis

The pain for NJ Transit commuters isn’t over,  Save Jerseyans, after news broke on Tuesday that customers face a 44 day period of repairs from July 7 to July 25 and then between August 4th to August 28th. A leading Election 2017 candidate wants to know Read More

REPORT: Cosgrove rules himself out in LD38

The man widely believed to be the NJGOP’s best candidate to retake the LD38 State Senate seat next fall isn’t interested, Save Jerseyans. On Thursday, Daily Voice reported that popular Republican Mayor John Cosgrove of Fair Lawn is ruling himself our of Read More

Welcome Home! Trenton Democrats waste no time sticking it to former candidate Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog He hasn’t been home 24 hours, Save Jerseyans, and he doesn’t even have a public schedule today, but the Trenton Democrats will waste no time resuming their favorite pastime: Christie bashing. It’s Read More