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CIRUCCI: 18 Trends To Dump In 2018

By Dan Cirucci Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog — We’ve seen and heard enough of all of the following in 2017. And so, in no particular order, we’re asking that they be  summarily dumped into the trash heap Read More

Mummers scorch Chris Christie with beachgate parody strut

Gov. Chris Christie‘s infamous beachgate moment during the state government shutdown proved to be irresistible fodder for the comic brigades of Philadelphia’s annual Mummers Parade. The Jolly Jolly Comics brigade lampooned Christie‘by dressing a comic as the governor in clown Read More

NOT SO FAST: IRS says prepayment of anticipated property taxes won’t be deductible

Those giving into the hysteria and rushing to prepay their 2018 property taxes may want to talk to a tax professional before making another move. There’s now doubt as to how – if at all – doing so will benefit Read More