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LD1 legislators ask NJDOT to delay roadwork ahead of Trump’s Wildwood rally

CAPE MAY COURTHOUSE, N.J. – Coincidence? Or sabatoge? Assemblymen Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan (R-1) are worried that planned New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) roadwork on Route 47 will snarl traffic as thousands of supporters head to Wildwood to attend Read More

The ONLY Domestic Policy Point That Mitt Needs to Make Tonight

A South Jerseyan standing with a Mitt cut-out (h/t Susanne LaFrankie) Every talking head in America wants to force their “sage” advice on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama heading into tonight’s town hall-style presidential debate at Hofstra University. My two cents? When President Obama tries to drop the Read More

No More Distractions: Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

With the first Presidential debate in Denver, Colorado only one week away, it seems as though everyone in the media is weighing in on potential outcomes.  There are countless strategies being communicated, and predictions about whether or not Romney will prevail.  Read More

Lonegan on the 47% Flap: Romney “Didn’t Back It Up” (VIDEO)

AFP Steve is right on the money re: Mitt Romney’s 47% comments, Save Jerseyans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again) between now and November 6th: public polling results (regardless of bogus turnout models) would be closer if Mitt Romney was repeating Read More

Lazy People Cost You Money. Lots of It. Like 70% of Federal Spending!

Let’s stipulate from the onset of this post that not everyone patronizing government assistance programs in this abysmal Obama economy is a moocher, Save Jerseyans. Okay? But let’s not delude ourselves, either, in a good-intentioned yet dangerously misguided attempt to Read More

Christie Defends Romney’s 47% Remarks (VIDEO)

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) spoke to Fox News after yesterday’s town hall in Elmwood Park, Bergen County. As only he can, Christie brushed off Mitt Romney’s “47%” remark as a tiny, insignificant “blip” on the 2012 electorate’s radar that, in his Read More