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AIR WAR: Murphy, RGA launch dueling ads in New Jersey

The air war is on, Save Jerseyans, with the Republican Governors Association (RGA) dropped a brand new television advertisement on  Tuesday targeting Phil Murphy’s minimum wage hypocrisy (the Goldeman Sachs alumnus supports a $15 per hour minimum wage but reportedly pays Read More

THE OPIOID ADS AREN’T WORKING: Christie stuck in Jim Florio’s approval rating basement

Chris Christie‘s approval rating remains in the proverbial toilet,  Save Jerseyans, as the Governor is a little more than eight months away from leaving office. The results of a recent Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday found Christie mired at 18%. He had Read More

DuHaime’s Solid Point About NH Attack Ads

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog According to NH Journal, the 501(c)(4) advocacy group Judicial Crisis Network will launch new “television, radio and digital advertising” in New Hampshire on Wednesday ahead of Governor Chris Christie’s latest RGA-related trip to the presidential Read More

Pallone’s Lies to HUD, The Media, Continue To Unravel

By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com On early Monday morning, 6:54, in the midst of the Bridgegate network and cable TV media feeding frenzy engulfing Governor Chris Christie, CNN reported an “Exclusive” story that  ”federal officials” were investigating whether Christie had “improperly used” some Read More