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Can the GOP Live Without Social Conservatives?

Cross-Posted at MoreMonmouthMusings.com In a column posted on GOPUSA.com, David Limbaugh says, The Republican Party can choose to ostracize social conservatives and their issues, or try to purge them altogether from the party and its platform. But they better be Read More

Guest Post: The Fallacy of the Pro-Life Amendment

Cross Posted at More Monmouth Musings as “The Bullshit of the Abortion Debate” by Art Gallagher Congressman Todd Akin’s asinine comments about ”legitimate rape,” pregnancy and abortion have knocked medicare and the economy off center stage in the political debate, at least temporarily. Read More

Kyrillos On Akin: “He and I Disagree On the Issue of Abortion, Generally”

U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Kyrillos (R-NJ) weighed in on Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) controversial “legitimate rape” remark earlier today via a released statement: Like many I am outraged by Representative Todd Akin’s remarks regarding pregnancy and ‘legitimate rape’ – they have no Read More