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Auth: If you break down in N.J.? You should be allowed to a hire a private tow.

By Bob Auth _ When you purchase an automobile roadside assistance insurance policy you should have an expectation of being able to use it when needed for towing and repair. At first glance you’re probably thinking… “Those rotten insurance companies, Read More

Murphy had no problem with tax breaks when it was Amazon’s turn

By Matt Rooney _ I’m old enough to remember when Phil Murphy loved tax incentives, Save Jerseyans. Just last year? The Democrat governor and Goldman Sachs alum was ready to fork over billions in tax breaks to one of the Read More

N.J. Legislator unloads on ‘corrupt bargain’ with Jaguar, Sharp

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris, Essex, Passaic) doesn’t believe New Jersey’s path to prosperity is aided by Trenton’s obsession with corporate welfare. The reliably conservative legislator cried foul this week after the Read More

A Bridge, Not a Destination

Kyrillos: Economic Opportunity Act Should Lead To More Tax Reform By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com With bi-partisan fanfare, Governor Chris Christie signed the Economic Opportunity Act yesterday afternoon. The new law, which Christie reshaped with his conditional veto, is far-reaching legislation designed to Read More