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Three GOP State Senators Willing To Trade Marijuana Support For Fiscal And Public Safety Reforms

By Art Gallagher _ Three  Republican State Senators, including Monmouth County’s Declan O’Scanlon are willing to vote to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey if Governor Phil Murphy and Senate President Steve Sweeney deliver the return of the Energy Receipts Read More

After trying to raid its surplus, Christie nominates long-time friend Brown for Horizon’s board

Governor Chris Christie is proposing his long-time friend Michele Brown to sit on the board of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Save Jerseyans. The Friday morning announcement comes shortly after Christie sought legislative support to seize the insurer’s Read More

Here are the four districts N.J. Republicans think they can flip in 2017

Conventional wisdom suggests that Election 2017 is going to be a rough one for New Jersey Republicans. Chris Christie’s approval rating is in the toilet. The map sucks. Etc. and so on. But candidate recruitment has been strong on the Read More

Atlantic Democrats Concede to Brown? Apparently. Visit Their Website….

Asm. Chris Brown (R-2) should be a long-shot for State Senate this year, Save Jerseyans. His district has a Democrat voter registration advantage and Democrats remain favored to take back the governor’s mansion this November. But a combination of strong Read More

LD2 UPDATE: Brown Shines, Mazzeo No-Shows at EHT Veterans’ Town Hall

Assemblyman and 2017 GOP Senate candidate Chris Brown (R-2) was reportedly a hit on Friday night meeting with Egg Harbor Township’s Veterans Advisory Board, Save Jerseyans, taking the time to answer attendees’ questions pertaining to the many issues facing LD2’s large U.S. military Read More

Brigantine’s Sera Ready to Launch into Developing LD2 Assembly Contest

The 2nd Legislative District is the only competitive New Jersey district in 2017 to have both Assembly seats open, Save Jerseyans, meaning that there isn’t an incumbent in the race. LD2’s victorious 2015 incumbents are both aiming higher; Assemblymen Chris Brown (R) and Read More