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VIDEO: Rooney says ‘everyman’ Springsteen should donate some of his super-expensive tickets

Bruce Springsteen, who has amassed a fortune signing about blue collar living, embraces so-called progressive values both on and off of the stage. So why doesn’t he do something about the outrageously expensive, secondary market-driven $7,500 ticket price for his Read More

POLL: Is Bruce Springsteen an Embarrassment to New Jersey?

The “Boss” Bruce Springsteen recently told a foreign audience that he’s an ’embarrassed American’ because Donald Trump is President of the United States. What we want to know (since you’re the ones who’ve purchased his albums): Is Bruce Springsteen an Read More

Hillary Clinton, Obama make final push in Philadelphia with Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi

Hours before the polls open, the Clintons and Obamas appeared together on stage in Philadelphia Monday night and cast Tuesday’s presidential election as a fork in the road of American history, an opportunity for voters to continue forward or “turn Read More

Question for Bruce Springsteen: Will You Support Asbury Park Gays Against Bigotry and Refuse to Play There, Too?

By Tommy De Seno | The Save Jersey Blog Greetings, Bruce!  I hail from the City of your choosing, Asbury Park New Jersey. A fan since you named your first album after our fair city; I’m one of your loyal Read More

The Boss’s Bridgegate Ballad

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog I’d have to think that even Chris Christie felt very conflicted watching this one, Save Jerseyans… httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKHV0LLvhXM

Christie Springsteen Concert Sighting (VIDEO)

The love-hate relationship between liberal rock legend Bruce Springsteen and his biggest fan — Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) — has persisted as one of the New Jersey media’s favorite storylines of the past three years. The Boss has rebuffed numerous gubernatorial bipartisan overtures, but Christie boasts Read More