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Rooney opposes N.J. anti-bullying bill; says it’s time to raise stronger kids, let teachers discipline

TRENTON, N.J. – A new anti-bullying bill (‘Mallory’s Law’) which would let the state severely penalize parents for their children’s alleged behavior is generating controversy in the Garden State. Save Jersey Founder and Editor-in-Chief Matt Rooney was back on Chasing Read More

NANNY STATE? N.J. parents may soon face stiff penalties if their kids are accused of “bullying”

TRENTON, N.J. –  “Mallory’s Law” endeavors to honor a 12-year-old (Mallory Grossman) who killed herself in 2017. Bullying was the reported culprit, and the New Jersey legislature wants to do something about it. The new consequences for offending parents are Read More

Annual NJEA Convention will feature an “Overcoming the Trump Effect” anti-bullying seminar

The annual teacher’s convention is right around the corner, Save Jerseyans, and the New Jersey (Mis)Education Association (NJEA) is up to its old indoctrinating ways. One of this year’s scheduled seminars? “Overcoming the Trump Effect: How to Address Bullying Today” Read More