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Shelley Adler Doesn’t Live in NJ-3. And Guess What? Neither Do Her Donors…

Democrat Shelley Adler (NJ-3) (NJ-1) isn’t fooling anyone with her less-than-impressive fundraising numbers, Save Jerseyans. Least of all your Blogger-in-Chief. I suspect she’s actually depressing more folks than anything else! And they’re all on her side of the aisle. That’s Read More

VIDEO: Runyan Tackles Obama and Reid in 2012 Kick Off Speech

Alright, I apologize for managing to fit two football puns into one headline. I simply could not resist. Last night was Congressman Jon Runyan’s (NJ-3) kick off event in Burlington County. He spoke to a rather large crowd in an Read More

Jon Runyan Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign On February 20th

‘Tis the Season, Save Jerseyans. Joe Kyrillos kicked off his U.S. Senate campaign earlier this month. Another prominent Christie ally – U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan (R-NJ) – will formally kick off his own re-election effort next week with two events (one Read More

Guest Op-ed: Change the State of the Union

During his campaign, Barack Obama built a platform of ‘hope’ and ‘change’—promising to bring Americans together, not drive them apart; promising to lead, not follow; promising to fundamentally change the American landscape. Listening to the President’s State of the Union Read More

Anti-Residency S.J. Democrats Tap Shelley Adler for CD-3

First it was Carl Lewis in LD8. Then Gabriela Mosquera in LD4. Now the Machine is ready to run Shelley Adler, wife of the late John Adler, for his Third Congressional District seat presently occupied by Rep.  Jon Runyan. The catch? Mrs. Adler doesn’t live in the redrawn Read More

VIDEO: Rooney Catches Up with ‘Allen, Keenan & Halgas’ GOP Ticket at Cinnaminson Day

Diane Allen (R-Edgewater Park) has served New Jersey’s 7th Legislative District in the State Senate since 1998. And since 1998, Save Jerseyans, she’s served alone without any Republican district mates on the Assembly side. 14 years is an awful long Read More

Burlco Consultant Plays Part in Historic NY-9 GOP Victory

Everyone was talking about New York this week, Save Jerseyans, as political newbie Bob Turner (R) overtook his Democrat opponent to win big in a congressional district where the Republican Party hasn’t played in decades. What most observers wouldn’t know is that Read More