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O’Scanlon: “No one should be fooled” by school bus camera bill

New Jersey motorists need to be warned that Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., one of the two now-infamous red light camera companies blessedly sent packing with the end of the failed pilot program in December, is trying to bring automated enforcement Read More

NJ Transit hit with new federal probe. Maybe this is why your train or bus is late?

TRENTON — The U.S. Department of Labor is investigating NJ Transit for widespread abuse of the federal Family Medical Leave Act, NJ Advance Media has learned. Alleged abuses by rail and bus operations employees have resulted in “delays and cancellations Read More

#BlackLivesMatter protests snarl Newark traffic after latest police shootings

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog The latest controversial police shootings in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights are increasing traffic on Internet message boards, Save Jerseyans. Literal traffic came to a halt during the Thursday afternoon rush hour in Newark, New Read More

Young New Jersey GOP’ers canvass New Hampshire for Rubio

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog 60+ New Jersey volunteers loaded onto a rented bus, hit the road and then pounded the pavement in New Hampshire this weekend, Save Jerseyans, but they weren’t there for Governor Chris Christie. The Garden Read More

Hypocrisy Alert: Jersey Dems flip over NJ Transit fee hikes… but not tax hikes?

By Cody McLaughlin | The Save Jersey Blog I don’t get it, Save Jerseyans. As if we needed another example of Democrat hypocrisy, here we are… again. On July 1st, while you were getting ready for a long weekend, New Jersey’s Assembly Democrats Read More

The Rebranding of New Jersey

Guadagno Mixes, Touts New Jersey Rebranding at 11th Hour Cherry Hill Bus Tour Stop By Susanne LaFrankie | The Save Jersey Blog NJ is no longer the butt of jokes, Soprano land or TV’s Jersey Shore thanks to four years of Chris Christie, so Read More

In Monmouth, Guv Asks for GOP Statehouse

Christie: “I don’t want to serve another day with a Democratic Legislature” By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com He’s finally saying it. Yesterday afternoon at Bachstadt’s Tavern in North Middletown Governor Chris Christie urged the enthusiastic crowd of several hundred to “vote Republican from the top Read More