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EHT GOP Taps Balles, Parker For First Post-McCullough Election Cycle

EGG HARBOR TWP., N.J. — Republicans are attempting to pivot in one of New Jersey’s largest GOP-controlled towns this cycle. After long-time Egg Harbor Township Mayor James “Sonny” McCullough and Committeman Frank Finnerty announced their retirement earlier this month, on Thursday, approximately 75 Read More

The Property Tax Problem: Where Do Your GOP Candidates Stand?

There isn’t a single bigger problem facing New Jersey taxpayers than ever-skyrocketing property tax bills. Governor Chris Christie’s porous Cap 2.0 plan slowed the bleeding but, without additional reforms, ultimately failed to cure the patient. Where do this year’s possible Read More

Monmouth Dems will nominate a doctor and a lawyer for freeholder seats

The Monmouth County Democrats are set to nominate a personal injury attorney and a doctor who specializes in reducing pain and improving function of injured patients for freeholder when they hold their mini-convention at the Shrewsbury Presbyterian Church on Saturday Read More

The Under-Discussed Democrat Empty Bench Crisis

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog At least until the email fiasco, Save Jerseyans, almost everyone talked about Hillary Clinton as inevitable in 2016. In the clear light of day, one can’t help but wonder if that attitude Read More

NJ GOP Showcases Historically Diverse House Candidate Team

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog We always hear about how the Republican Party generally “lacks diversity” and, in many ways, this is true. But you and I know that we’re still the Party of Lincoln, Save Jerseyans, Read More

Meeting Hudson’s Republican Club

By Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog Save Jerseyans, Hudson County may be bluer than Bergen but there remains a bastion of solid red conservative and libertarian grassroots activism in the form of the Hudson County Republican Club (hudsonrepublicans.com, HCRC). Founded in 2011 Read More

MacArthur Leading CD3 Pack

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog It’s not quite over yet, Save Jerseyans, but Randolph Mayor Tom MacArthur appears to be emerging as the favorite to run in Jon Runyan’s place next fall for the New Jersey Third Congressional District GOP Read More