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At what point does Christine Todd Whitman lose the right to call herself a Republican?

By Matt Rooney _ Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman has been back in the news a bit lately, Save Jerseyans, after she called on Republican governors to demand Donald Trump resignation back in July. Irrelevant? Sure. But she Read More

Bush-Era EPA Chief Attacking Trump’s Climate Policies Is A Green Energy Lobbyist

The George W. Bush-era EPA chief who recently criticized President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to head the agency worked for years lobbying various green energy projects, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Documents show that former EPA Read More

Christine Todd Whitman: Still New Jersey’s Most Frustrating RINO

With “Republicans” like Christine Todd Whitman kicking around on cable news shows, Save Jerseyans, why does Mitt Romney need Democrats? The former Republican Governor dropped in on CNN’s Starting Point program on Tuesday morning and made liberals’ day. The assembled panel inquired Read More