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Supremely Political: Did Roberts Pen BOTH Opinions?

The ObamaCare backstory gets worse all the time, Save Jerseyans. We can never really know what happened in chambers. That said, emerging anonymous accounts seem to comport with what we can plainly observe about this repugnant capitulation to unconstitutional, unrestrained Read More

Get Ready for Mandatory Gym Membership, America!

Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts’s ObamaCare decision, Save Jerseyans, it may no longer matter how broadly the Commerce Clause is construed by jurists, scholars and legislators. As of last Thursday, the U.S. Congress can regulate interstate commerce by imposing “taxes” Read More

Did Justice Roberts Save Us From Future Lawyers with His ObamaCare Vote?

Conservatives are understandably upset by what happened yesterday at the Supreme Court. Conventional wisdom was that the 5-4 decision would fall on the shoulders of Justice Kennedy and that he would likely side with the more conservative members of the Read More

Liberals Angry at Verrilli for Choking in His Defense of the Indefensible

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli had a bad day yesterday, Save Jerseyans. I almost felt for him despite my complete and utter disdain for his cause (and his client, a.k.a. the Obama Administration). Almost. The veteran litigator stumbled his way through Read More