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Donovan: “They’re Not Police”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Kathleen Donovan pointed to stronger wage and job statistics (a 1.5% increase in employment and 2.4% jump in wages) on Wednesday, Save Jerseyans, seeking to polish her tumultuous yet active tenure as Bergen County’s Read More

Encourage, Not Discourage Volunteers

Last week the State Senate passed bill S-1650 along party lines to redesign New Jerseys’ EMS, sending it to the Assembly for consideration. Taking a hard, honest look at this legislation is important particularly with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on Read More

Camden City PD Blues

Camden City needs more reinforcements to their police force; no one disagrees with this statement. But the Camden County Freeholders are moving forward like a speeding train towards a countywide police force, and it’s going to both crash and burn, Read More

Things Just Got Very Real (Again) in Bergen County

This afternoon, Freeholders Maura DeNicola and Robert Hermansen called an atypical presser at the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute in Mahwah. The topic? What they’ve graphically described as “a disgusting abuse of power on behalf of political bosses of Bergen County” Read More

POLL: Do You Support the Creation of Regional Police Forces in YOUR County?

It’s a complicated issue with huge implications for public safety and fiscal solvency, and the debate is coming to YOUR county very soon, Save Jerseyans! Governor Christie and Senate President Sweeney met with leaders from 35 of Camden County’s 37 Read More