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It’s been 230 years since New Jersey joined the Union

A quick time out for history: Today’s kind of/sort of our birthday, Save Jerseyans. On December 18, 1787, the great state of New Jersey officially joined the Union by ratifying the U.S. Constitution. We were the third U.S. state to Read More

Donald Trump schools Barack Obama on U.S. Constitution

Everyone knows that former President Barack Obama, our Great American Constitutional Law Professor, got mercilessly schooled by the Supreme Court during his eight years in office. Now he is getting schooled by a brash-talking, orange-haired reality-TV star and real-estate developer Read More

In pension amendment fight, GOP needs to take its gloves off

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog I heard a lot of common sense coming from the floor during Monday night’s marathon floor debate, Save Jerseyans. “We are now placing handcuffs on a legislature that years from now, giving Read More