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As N.J. shutdown looms, national watchdog group vows to probe motives behind #HorizonHeist

Why is this year’s pitched budget battle tied to the #HorizonHeist bill? A national watchdog group weighed in this week, alleging a possible connection between Governor Chris Christie deeply unpopular move to seize Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s limited reserves and the head Read More

Close Allies Christie, Norcross Help Dedicate ‘Sheridan Pavilion’ As Questions Surrounding Former Cooper CEO’s Demise Remain

New Jersey’s political elite gathered Wednesday to dedicate a new Cooper University Health System building named in honor of the late John Sheridan, Save Jerseyans. Conspicuously absent from today’s remarks? Any mention of a January 2017 decision by New Jersey’s states medical Read More

Judge blocks Machine-backed EMS law

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog S2980A/A4526 – signed into law by Governor Chris Christie back in July after it passed the legislature with bipartisan support – grants “hospitals which are designated Level 1 trauma centers the exclusive authority to provide advance Read More

Christie signs fast-tracked EMS bill

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Trenton is, without question, one of the most dysfunctional places on earth. Few folks on either side of the aisle would disagree with me, Save Jerseyans. It’s not just a matter of agreeing Read More

In Camco, GOP Freeholder slate targets EMS bill

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog There’s a particularly fierce battle underway in New Jersey’s halls of power right now, Save Jerseyans, over S2980, a bill which would, as I explained to you before, grant “hospitals which are designated Level 1 Read More

Are Trenton Democrats trying to kill youth sports in New Jersey?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog While the pension crisis roils and taxes remain at highest-in-the-nation levels, Save Jerseyans, our legislators are still out there passing solutions in search of a problem. The latest? On Thursday, the Assembly Democrats powered Read More

Sheridan Mystery Deepens: Joyce Sheridan died after stabbing?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog That’s the word from NJ Advance Media, Save Jerseyans. Can it get any crazier? Refresher: John Sheridan was CEO of Cooper Health System; his wife, Joyce Sheridan, was a retired teacher. The couple Read More

Christie Nominates Reid, Rahm Alums to RU Board of Governors

By Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Each is subject to the advice and consent of the State Senate. Item #1 deserves special attention. Mr. Angelson is a former member of Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago administration; Susan McCue is a former Harry Read More