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Add Jon Corzine to the list of things Phil Murphy won’t talk about

Phil Murphy spent Wednesday night’s debate working overtime to avoid answering EVERY question put to him.  On Friday? He sat down for (another) Facebook LIVE with the Star-Ledger’s Tom Moran and predictably refused to pass judgment when prompted on the Read More

Jim Florio (and Corzine’s crazy toll plan) unexpectedly resurface in Election 2017

Jim Florio and Jon Corzine served one term, respectively, before getting bounced from Drumthwacket by tax-weary New Jersey electorates. Now they’re back… in one sense. This week, Politico reported about former Governor Florio having authored a report in conjunction with a liberal-leaning Read More

WIKILEAKS: More possible evidence Phil Murphy was running with his 501(c)(4)?

501(c)(4) organizations CANNOT be primarily intended as a precursor to a political campaign, Save Jerseyans. That’s why some eyebrows were raised when last month, as reported here at Save Jersey, Wikileaks emails surfaced between presumptive N.J. Democrat gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy (a.k.a. Read More

AFP: Christie’s budget, not without good points, is still bigger than Corzine’s

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog While applauding Governor Chris Christie‘s willingness to tackle a new phase of the pension and benefits reform fight in today’s FY 2017 budget address, Save Jerseyans, Americans for Prosperity state director Erica Read More

North Jersey Dems rally around Corzine 2.0?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Remember this name: Phil Murphy. He’s a former Goldman Sachs executive and ambassador with money to burn and, judging by the star-studded nature of his non-profit’s roll-out on Monday (featuring everyone from Jon Read More

De Blasio Does What He Wants

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Why is it that the politicians who want to impose the most rules and regulations on the rest of us also seem the least willing to follow the rules themselves? Arrogance? Ideology? Some combination of Read More