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Courier Post Backs MacArthur (and Savages Belgard)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Today’s NJ-03 endorsement from Southwest Jersey’s largest in-state daily newspaper was nothing short of EMBARRASSING for Aimee Belgard, Save Jerseyans. I’m not exaggerating for Tom’s sake. He doesn’t need my help if you believe Read More

Federal Government to Blame for Rising Education Costs

The rising cost of higher education (specifically Rutgers) has reached the front page of the Courier-Post, Save Jerseyans.  The article, Student loans are becoming a burden, published yesterday discusses not only the rising cost of receiving a collegiate education but Read More

Norcross Borrows Obamacare Argument to Defend Rut-Row Merger

It’d be funny if the subject matter weren’t so serious, Save Jerseyans. Mastering history is the key to understanding the present, and ever since Angelo Errichetti was indicted in 1981 for ABSCAM, suburban Camden County Democrat leaders (Florio, Norcross, etc.) have largely Read More