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BURNED BRIDGES: Post-sentencing, Wildstein ribs former ally Christie over his approval ratings

Chris Christie is getting it from all ends these days, Save Jerseyans, including from the so-called architect of the Bridgegate scandal that brought the New Jersey governor’s approval ratings down from the post-Sandy stratosphere into the political basement. A little Read More

POLL: Bridgegate ‘Mastermind’ Wildstein is likely to avoid jail time. Is that fair? Or a farce?

David Wildstein will finally be sentenced today, Save Jerseyans, but the admitted “mastermind” of the Bridgegate scandal is unlikely to see the inside of a jail cell. “Put simply, were it not for Wildstein’s decision to cooperate and disclose the Read More

Wildstein termed a ‘cancer,’ as Bridgegate defense focuses on key witness

NEWARK – David Wildstein pleaded guilty more than a year ago to orchestrating the Bridgegate scandal. But for much of the day Thursday, it seemed as if Wildstein was on trial, as defense attorneys for two former Christie administration insiders Read More

Bridgegate: Baroni says he did not know lane closures were revenge plot

NEWARK -Former Port Authority executive Bill Baroni, charged with using the world’s busiest bridge as a tool of political retribution, took the stand in his own defense Monday, maintaining he knew nothing about a plot to punish the mayor of Read More

Every man for himself: Baroni, Kelly declare innocence while latter launches defense fund

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog With the Bridgegate scandal seemingly contained to three alleged co-conspirators – David Wildstein, Bill Baroni, and Bridget Kelly – the chum is in the water and it’s every man (or woman) for Read More

“What I’ve said from day one is true”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Chris Christie has reason to feel good (or better?) today, Save Jerseyans, after U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman failed to mention his name and declared “[w]e’re not going to charge anyone else Read More

Wildstein pleads guilty, feds confirm he’s cooperating

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Developing… Here’s the basic gist of today’s David Wildstein guilty plea via The Record’s Shawn Boburg, a leading New Jersey-based Port Authority reporter: wildstein pleading guilty now. prosecutors confirm he is cooperating with their Read More

Bridgegate Endgame Eve? Chattering class speculating wildly over Wildstein

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Is Bob Menendez about to get some company in federal court? MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki thinks he **knows quite a bit ahead of Friday’s expected court appearance by David Wildstein: What I know: Read More

UPDATE: Wildstein will plead guilty on Friday

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Updated 5:46 p.m. 4/29/15 Wow… here we go… Bloomberg reports that David Wildstein, former PolitickerNJ editor under the pen name “Wally Edge” and the colorful figure presently at the center of “Bridgegate,” will Read More