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Obama Continues to Lie About Benghazi on Denver Television (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama was on KUSA-TV in battleground Colorado today. The local reporter did a great job with the interview, Save Jerseyans; Obama, for his part, continued to lie with impunity, claiming we still need to “find out exactly what happened” Read More

The Thrill is Gone From Chris Matthews’ Leg (VIDEO)

I can’t stop watching this video from last night’s MSNBC post-debate coverage, Save Jerseyans. It’s like Christmas came early! Alternatively, perhaps Chris Matthews wants to be in another SNL skit? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvKDiXXDwjc Forgive me for stating the obvious, folks, but the Read More

LIVE STREAM: 2012 Presidential Domestic Policy Debate from Denver, Colorado

The big night has finally arrived, Save Jerseyans! You can WATCH the first presidential debate of 2012 live-streamed (below) and follow along via Twitter (also below), or for your social media-holics, at our Twitter page via handle @SaveJersey and on Facebook.com/SaveJerseyBlog… How is Read More