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Burlco Senate Hopeful Fumes After Guadagno Says Recapturing the Legislature is a Bridge Too Far

Fair criticism? Or much ado about nothing? It’s awfully hard to disagree with the veracity of Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno‘s declaration that Republicans won’t recapture the state legislature this fall, Save Jerseyans, but whether a potential standard bearer is supposed Read More

BREAKING: Former TV Anchor Diane Allen to Retire From N.J. Senate

Diane Allen (R-7) will NOT seek reelection in 2017, Save Jerseyans, setting New Jersey Democrats up for a prime pick-up opportunity in the heart of Republican-controlled Burlington County. She survived a bout with cancer several years ago but, ever since Read More

Allen Advances RTF Repeal Bill

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog State Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) is preparing to introduce legislation which would repeal Realty Transfer Fees and subsequently added “layers” in New Jersey, Save Jerseyans. It’s long overdue. “When you sell your home in New Jersey, Read More

Diane Allen Discusses the “Bottom Line for Women” with Save Jersey (VIDEO)

I caught up with State Senator Diane Allen (R-LD7) at last week’s RNC in Tampa, Save Jerseyans. We’re going to hear a lot about the Republican “war on women” over the next few nights at the Democrats’ own convention. Senator Read More

VIDEO: Rooney Catches Up with ‘Allen, Keenan & Halgas’ GOP Ticket at Cinnaminson Day

Diane Allen (R-Edgewater Park) has served New Jersey’s 7th Legislative District in the State Senate since 1998. And since 1998, Save Jerseyans, she’s served alone without any Republican district mates on the Assembly side. 14 years is an awful long Read More