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SCHEPISI: There’s a “thread of secrecy running through everything this governor is related to”

By Holly Schepisi _ Yesterday, Governor Murphy gave an interview with The Hill in which he applauded state democratic leaders’ decision to shelve a controversial redistricting plan saying, ‘If someone’s got some proposals that open up democracy, make it more transparent, less Read More

The Death of Republicanism, Part 2: the Endurance Race

A Contributor’s Ongoing Look at the Causations Behind the GOP’s Current Electoral Plight By Charles Measley | The Save Jersey Blog Last week I outlined how the Democrats have been implementing a long-term strategy of positioning their people into key places of influence such as the Read More

Justified or Not, Anti-Christie Angst is Real

In the four years that this website has been operational AND covering Chris Christie, Save Jerseyans, I can’t remember seeing more Republicans rake him over the coals. Anti-Christie angst is moving from the “anecdotal” to the “too many to be Read More

Obama Channels Sweeney to Deflect from Economy

Obama made big money yesterday by “evolving,” conveniently just hours after swing-state North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage. I don’t think ANYONE doubts the purely political motives behind this move, Save Jerseyans. There are only three camps in America Read More