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ROONEY RANTS: Two Things for Liberals to Consider About the Electoral College

Election 2016 is officially over. The Electoral College weighed in this week and ratified Donald Trump’s November 8th victory, cementing the billionaire celebrity’s first term in office and sending America’s liberals to the next, deeper stage of grief. They still Read More

TRIGGER WARNING: Sincere coping advice for the chronically Trump-traumatized

*Warning* This is NOT a safe space. What you are about to read is blunt, candid analysis that may trigger you. By continuing to read this post you agree that the author and/or Save Jersey staff shall not be held liable Read More

Silver: The Odds Of Trump Winning Electoral College Increasing

Republican nominee Donald Trump has a much greater chance of beating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a Tuesday analysis published by 538’s Nate Silver. Statistics site 538 updated Trump’s chances of winning the electoral college in November to 27.5 Read More

Christie’s Swinging in Key States

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog A new poll out Monday shows Chris Christie performing the best of his potential Republican rivals in key 2016 “swing” states but still facing an uphill slog against the Hilldawg, Save Jerseyans. The Monmouth University Read More

UPDATE: What Would’ve the 2012 Map Looked Like If Only Taxpayers Voted?

There’s been questions raised by a few readers as to the original source of the map posted by Saul Anuzis, former chairman of the Michigan GOP and RNC chairman candidate, purportedly showing how Mitt Romney winning 441 electoral votes in 2012 if Read More

Save Jersey Electoral College Projection Map (11/2/12): ROMNEY 285, OBAMA 197

Only 4 full days left to go before Election Day 2012 is decided, Save Jerseyans. Where does the White House race stand? Seven (7) states changed position since our last projection on October 24th, and all of them moved in Governor Romney’s direction. Read More